This is my fourth total drama trivia quiz.

1.In TDWT why did Courtney what a tape back in a confessional?

2.In TDPI what animal did Dave accidentally kiss?

3.What did sky think Dave was saying when he said want berries some berries they're clean?

4.What fictional figure did the goths say were their 'king?

5.Name at least one reality show Noah and Owen were on besides total drama.

6.In Scarlett fever jasmine grabbing her hat from under the door is a reference to what movie?

7.What is the name of the giant Venus fly trap in the fun zone on off stars?

8.Where did heather hide the Chris head in the fun zone before Alejandro stole it?

9.Who said the Chris in the box is a disgrace to boxes?

10.What were the 'spirit animals' for the final three in TDWT?

11.The title grand chef auto title(in most countries) is a reference to what?

12.How did Gwen get her hand sunburned?

13.Why was Justin accepted to be on TDI?

14. (Opinion) How do you think is more deserving of Winning TDI? Owen or Gwen?

15.What was used to dig the moats for the final challenge in the final wreckening?

16.Who found out the forest was fake in total drama drama drama island and what was behind it?

17.Harold is based off of what movie character?

18.When Noah was imitating Sierra what did he say would impress Cody ?

19.Who was the first cast member to appear in not so happy campers part one?

20.In Duncan's message from home what did his mother say was a criminal?

21. Besides jasmine who else knew samey was playing Amy?

22. How many minutes are Amy and samey apart?

23.Who told Katie and Sadie they encountered poison ivy?

24.Courtney making Beth clean cars is a reference to what movie?

25. What are the superheroes that Lindsay ,Justin,Beth ,Courtney,Harold ,leshawna and Duncan make up?

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