Yes Number 16 (I am making this because of I signed up for the quiz bowl)

1. What are the first two episodes of TDI called on Netflix?

2.Who are the three female original cast members that sometimes have sharp teeth?

3.Who was the contestant that threw up on a steak?

4.What were the burritos that Harold,Justin,Beth and Lindsay make?

5.Who are the contestants that never had their audition tapes shown?

6.What were the pros and cons that Justin had when he was talking about joining the circus?

7.Other than Lindsay making her Super Hero Wonder Woman what other contestant makes their super hero named after a real super hero in Super hero id?

8.Why did Lindsay take Duncan to see a movie with her in Get a Clue?

9.When Izzy returns in the chefshawnk redemption who were the animals she was living with?

10.How does Harold confess that he left his underwear on the cabin floor?

11.Who were the people that Gwen said had sanity in TDI?

12. Why did Heather get shock therapy?

13.Why was Heather forced to join the mathletes?

14. Who said aren't you that stowaway kid from last season?

15. How many summers did Harold spend at magic steve's magic camp?

16.In the sand witch project when the contestants saw the dead Chris Duncan was about to call dibs on what? Before Chris arrived?

17.What color were Lindsay's fashion judge boots when she made a cameo in ROTI?

18.What alternate personality does Mike say is a devout carnivore?

19. How does the tracker that Izzy get when she was abducted by aliens activate?

20. When Duncan says Arts and crap center what is it changed to in the US?

21. What is the team Amazon symbol?

22.When Noah was Chris' assistant what was he supposed to give him?

23.Who said what lives under here a day care center?

24.How many countries had Gwen's ending in TDI?

25.Why were the princess Courtney dolls not selling?

(Sorry for all the TDA questions I am in the middle of rewatching TDA)

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