Number 19 yes I thought about making it easier well I will just make this up as I go.

1.Who said they were getting a welcome home party in Total Drama ,drama,drama,drama island?

2.In the TDA aftermath how long were Geoff and Bridgette in make up?

3. What two seasons have contestants without a criminal record?

4.Other than e-scope and explosivo what other name does Izzy go by?

5.Who said -I'll love to play another round of humiliate the teens but I have a buffet to eat.

6.What are the goths' real hair color?

7. True or false Team Amazon was called an all girl team.

8. Who said- Cody's got a tiny sausage

9.What did Chris reference by saying same Chris time same Chris channel in TDA?

10.true or false- there is a season where a contestant doesn't become bald

11.Why did Chris give Sky's talent a low score in Pah'kd with talent?

12.Other than not so happy campers part 1 and 2 what is the other name for the first two episodes of TDI?

13. What are the horror movie episodes on TDA,TDWT,TDROTI,TDAS and TDPI?

14.Who said- Why do camp cooks look like escaped convicts?

15.In the TDA prison meal challenge who used their dandruff for the prison meal?

16. Who lost their loin cloth in one million bucks BC?

17.What animals were used for the animal buddy challenge?

18. How did Owen break his jaw?

19.Who's theme music did the robot crocodiles play?

20.Other than Indiana Jones what other movie character does Manitoba Smith parody?

21.What were the jobs Mal make Mike's multiple personalities do?

22.How many brothers does Rodney have?

23.Why did Cameron refuse to get Alejandro 's help?

24.In before we die who said they wanted rocket boots?

25.What two seasons have no edits?

26.For the Cartoon Network airing of that's off the chain instead of the beeping what did Lindsay call Heather?

27. In the Doctor reward challenge the medical books were actually what?

28. How did DJ make the Gaffers' prison meal taste good?

29.Who helped Cameron repair his glasses in TDAS?

20.In Zeek and Ye shall find what type of ice cream was Chef eating?

21.Why did Harold win the boxing challenge?

22. When Izzy mentioned her imaginary friends what was the name of one she mentioned?

23.How did Blaineley accidentally get on Total Drama?

24.What country did Blaineley send Bridgette to?

25.What was Sierra doing in shear the sheep?

26. In That's off the chain when the contestants switched bikes who rode Lindsay's sunset sally?

27. At the beginning of the horror movie challenge what did Chris 'leave behind' in Hook line and screamer?

28.When Gwen was talking about her time at Camp Wawanakwa in TDI who were the people Gwen said had sanity?

29.In TDAS Boney island is a parody of what?

30.In the princess pride What were the contestants dressed as in order to rescue Princess Courtney?

31. Who's elimination did the flush of shame get clogged?

32.How did Owen break his jaw?

33.Before Lindsay's fear was bad haircuts what was her original fear?

34.Who was the best friend of each contestant shown as a reward in the Doctor challenge?

35. What number is on the back of Owen's shirt?

36.Who said- did Duncan's parole officer send a care package?

37.In are we there yeti why was Duncan happy to be paired with Owen?

38.Why did the chrisbots have laser eyes?

39.When did Noah first develop his crush on Emma?

40. Why did Noah grab two rings in Hawaiian honeyruin?

41. What location did Devin realize he was in love with Carrie?

42. When Noah was acting nice what did Owen think?

43. The adversity twins are actually concepts of what Revenge of the island character?

44.In picnic at hanging dork How many days did it take the contestants to get to the sheep shearing challenge?

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