How well do you know Total Drama? 18

1. What Sickness did Katie and Sadie go through together?

2. Who told Katie and Sadie that they got into poison ivy?

3.How many minutes did Tyler have to spend in the pen with chickens in it?

4.Was Team Amazon ever called an all girl team?

5.What color was the toy lightsaber team victory used in the Japanese fish tail commercial?

6.What type of story was Izzy telling the camel in TDWT?

7.What country did Blaineley send Bridgette to in TDWT?

8.In that's off the chain what was more like Arts and Crap center changed to in the US version?

9.Why was the title Grand Chef Auto changed in the US airing of it? (Extra points if you say the name)

10.Excluding the Ridonculous Race who is the only adult that has competed in Total Drama?

11.Why did mike laugh about Sam getting stung by a jellyfish?

12.In TDPI what episode does Chris say the island is a freak show?

13.In Alejandro's ending Who does Ezekiel fight for the million dollar case?

14.Why did Chris flirt with the woman at the airport?

15.How many stages of break up did spud tell Carrie there are?

16.Why did DJ choose Gwen for his model in the tie breaker challenge ?

17.Why did the Surfer dudes let the best friends pass them causing the Surfer dudes' elimination?

18.The automatic tennis ball machine in the ridonculous resembles what?

19.In so this is my team? What type of soup did Shawn grab?

20. Who said Max and Scarlett are practically married?


21. Name at least one country that got Gwen's ending in TDI.


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