Some contestants stay too long while contestants needed more screen time like-

Noah(world tour)- Noah's elimination in TDI made sense since he was a total jerk during the dodgeball game. But the writers redeemed his character in TDWT. In a way we got to see him more in ridonculous race and Noah and Owen's friendship

Ezekiel (TDWT)- This contestant needed more screen time and turn into total drama gollum later.

Eva- This underrated contestant who returned in TDI for one episode should of stayed for like two more episodes at least or compete in TDA.

Beardo- just saying he should of at least been second voted off not first

Ella- the Disney princess parody contestant should of stayed longer than sugar.

Brick- dumbest reason to get eliminated. By helping the other team get out.

Jasmine- the reason why she is on this list is because of sugar.

Lindsay(TDAS) -Lindsay should of made it to the merge and Sierra the first to be out.

Courtney (TDAS)- Courtney should of gone up against Zoey because off stars should of been an original cast member vs. a ROTI contestant.

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