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    Since the creators of total drama say some TDI favorites will return will this season be another heroes vs. villains season? Well they can't have the same names. Since TDI favorites will return it will be a another all stars season. We like know nothing about the cast for the season but it could still be a heroes vs. villains season like in all stars. Or it could be a brawns vs. brains vs. beauty season (just an idea because TD is a parody of survivor) So what do you think season six will be another heroes vs. villains season or something else?

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    Total Drama All Stars the season almost every fan of Total Drama hates. The terrible final two, Sundae muddy Sundae, Scottney, and more. This season could be fixed by doing the following things-

    1. Make it a Courtney vs. Lindsay finale

    Courtney and Lindsay have short of always been robbed in every season they played in. Lindsay wasn't even eliminated correctly in TDI. Courtney got eliminated correctly in all seasons except TDI. Courtney had a chance of winning but there had to be a friendship finale. Besides it would be the second best finale two (behind Heather vs. Alejandro in World Tour)

    2. Make the season after Pahkitew Island.

    Pahkitew Island had some normal contestants aka Sky and Jasmine. Still Season with a new cast made after an all …

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    Number 19 yes I thought about making it easier well I will just make this up as I go.

    1.Who said they were getting a welcome home party in Total Drama ,drama,drama,drama island?

    2.In the TDA aftermath how long were Geoff and Bridgette in make up?

    3. What two seasons have contestants without a criminal record?

    4.Other than e-scope and explosivo what other name does Izzy go by?

    5.Who said -I'll love to play another round of humiliate the teens but I have a buffet to eat.

    6.What are the goths' real hair color?

    7. True or false Team Amazon was called an all girl team.

    8. Who said- Cody's got a tiny sausage

    9.What did Chris reference by saying same Chris time same Chris channel in TDA?

    10.true or false- there is a season where a contestant doesn't become…

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    Okay I like Total Drama and I am trying my best not to talk bad about the show. Some scenes in Total Drama and dialogue shouldn't be in a children's show-

    Pretty much everything that happened in x-treme torture(which is my least favorite episode from TDI along with Owen's ending)

    Having an episode title be similar to an inappropriate movie(breakback mountain in TDPI)

    Eventhough I don't find them bad words, freaking and crap shouldn't be said in a kid's show.

    Eventhough I love the scene in that's off the chain when Lindsay cusses out Heather I think the edit is better for kids.

    Also when Izzy had her cuss out that put a person in therapy for a few months the edit was better for kids.

    The middle finger in That's off the chain and rock n rule? I k…

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    How well do you know Total Drama? 18

    1. What Sickness did Katie and Sadie go through together?

    2. Who told Katie and Sadie that they got into poison ivy?

    3.How many minutes did Tyler have to spend in the pen with chickens in it?

    4.Was Team Amazon ever called an all girl team?

    5.What color was the toy lightsaber team victory used in the Japanese fish tail commercial?

    6.What type of story was Izzy telling the camel in TDWT?

    7.What country did Blaineley send Bridgette to in TDWT?

    8.In that's off the chain what was more like Arts and Crap center changed to in the US version?

    9.Why was the title Grand Chef Auto changed in the US airing of it? (Extra points if you say the name)

    10.Excluding the Ridonculous Race who is the only adult that has competed in T…

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