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    Recently Fresh TV has announced Total Drama Daycare is being renamed Total Drama Rama. This season will still have the same theme and characters but go by this name. So what are your opinions? Do you prefer this title or Total Drama Daycare? Honestly I prefer Total Drama Daycare or Total Drama Rama.

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    How well do you know Total Drama? 33

    1.other than Alejandro who else got put in a robot suit as their payback?

    2.Other than Pahkitew Island what other season talks about splitting the money in half?

    3. Which member of Team Victory didn't compete in Total Drama Action?

    4.Why did Sky want to choose Rodney as a helper in Lies,Cries, and One Big prize?

    5.Who said 'Mike' sabotaging the fire plant was a nice move in Sundae muddy Sundae?

    6.In so uh this is my team? Who corrected Chris what the team names really mean?

    7.Other than Mal which other contestant used Chef's Spaghetti Blaster?

    Guess contestant by emoji-






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    How well do you know Total Drama? 32

    1. In This is how we will end it what did Alejandro say he robbed Leshawna of and what did he make Courtney do?

    2.Other than Zeek and ye shall find what is the other horror movie challenge in all stars?

    3. In the American airing of That's off the chain! Lindsay's cursing was changed to what?

    4.Other than Duncan and Scott which other contestant developed feelings for Courtney?

    5. How did Heather lose her wig in alien resureggtion?

    6. Izzy says she is a reincarnation of who?

    7. which season has the lowest amount of writers?

    Guess the contestant by emoji-





    Guess the ridonculous race team by emoji-





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    Is Pahkitew Island better than Revenge of the island?

    Pahkitew Island season 5.2 or sometimes known as season 6 could be better than Revenge of the island because-

    Final two was better

    Yea a Brain vs. Brawn finale was a good idea and the episode was better. But a Zoey vs. Lightning finale would of been good.

    Didn't have the useless original cast member cameos

    Other than the yacht appearing in Bigger! Badder! Brutaler! the cameos from the original cast members were dumb.

    The team names were better.

    The team names in ROTI reminds us that the island was full of toxic waste.While the team names in Pahkitew Island parodies team names from Survivor.

    Had better couples.

    Other than Zoke the couples in ROTI Mike and Anne Maria and Sam and Dakota were lame.


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    Pahkitew Island and All Stars are considered the worst seasons of Total Drama. But which one is worse?

    Here are the pros and cons of each season-

    All Stars-


    The interaction between both cast.

    This was pretty cool that original cast members competing against revenge of the island cast members.

    Return of the McLean brand Chris Head.

    This was pretty cool the show making fun of Survivor even more.

    Alejandro leaving the robot suit.

    Hey Aleheather can return.

    The Heroes vs. Villians concept

    Reminding us who was a hero and villain of the series.


    Gwen on the villains team

    Of course remind us about the scene that ruined I see London.... and caused Noah's elimination (who became a fan favorite overnight in a way)


    Don't ask me why this couple exis…

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