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    How to fix All Stars.

    February 17, 2018 by Flagator24

    All Stars is considered the worst season of Total Drama. Here are some ways to fix it-

    Make the season take place after Pahkitew Island.

    Pahkitew Island didn't really affect the show's continuity other than a set up for ridonculous race.

    Think about it having contestants from all three generations interact will be great. A third generation contestant forming a rivalry with a first generation contestant would be great.

    Make the season on a resurrected camp wawanakwa or Pahkitew Island.

    Say Camp Wawanakwa sank in Revenge of the island. I know a resurrected camp wawanakwa will make no sense but hey Total Drama is a cartoon anything can happen.

    Bigger cast with 26 episodes.

    Since contestants from all generations will be in it the season should be lon…

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    Total Drama has had pretty bad character derailments.Here are some-


    Trent was great in TDI but when TDA came he was so weird , short of started Gwuncan,and basically caused is own elimination so he became very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very derailed.

    Ezekiel (TDWT)

    It is pretty obvious Ezekiel is on this list. Ezekiel was eliminated for sexist comments in TDI and causing his team's loss in TDWT by having team victory 's stick get ate by a crocodile.Then he becomes Total Drama gollum.

    Duncan (TDAS)

    Total Drama's anti hero (a main character with no heroic traits) got derailed after Saving private leechball when he switched over to the heroic hamsters. Made the gwuncan/duncney love triangle worse by asking about Courtney constan…

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    How well do you know Total Drama? 27

    1.How are the contestants with sharp teeth?

    2. Before TDA who did Duncan think caused Courtney's elimination?

    3.Owen is the youngest of How many brothers?

    4.Other than Scott and Duncan what other contestant has fallen for Courtney?

    5. How long was kitty playing video games before Emma make her take a shower?

    6. What two seasons have a all Canadian cast?

    7. What was Heather 's karma in TDI?

    8. What was Justin's karma in TDA?

    9. What was Courtney's karma in TDA?

    10. What was Alejandro 's karma in TDWT?

    11.What was Scott's karma in TDROTI?

    12. What was Mal's karma in TDAS?

    13.What was Sugar's karma in TDPI?

    14. What was the karma for the ice dancers in RR?

    15. Who are the contestants to curse in the confessional?

    16. Othe…

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    There are many Total Drama eliminations that made no sense so here are some eliminations that made no sense (this is just my personal opinion)

    1. Noah (TDWT)

    I see London one of the best pre merge episodes of World Tour had the worst elimination of the season since Team Chris is really,really,really,really hot won the challenge. It would of been better if the episode was an non elimination episode.

    2. DJ (TDI)

    Okay since DJ wasn't captured by the killer he shouldn't of been eliminated in hook,line and screamer giving Gwen immunity was pointless.

    3. Leshawna (TDI)

    This was just a w…

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    How well do you know Total Drama? 26

    1. In not so happy campers part 2/ the not so great outdoors part 2 how does Courtney injure her eye?

    2. In the Sucky outdoors who does Duncan say good morning sunshine to?

    3. How do Katie and Sadie get lost?

    4. Who is the first contestant to notice Justin?

    5. Who are the female contestants to not show attraction to Alejandro?

    6. Who was the pain magnet contestant in TDI?

    7. Who was the pain magnet contestant in TDA?

    8. Who was the pain magnet contestant in TDWT?

    9. Who was the pain magnet contestant in TDROTI?

    10. Who was the pain magnet contestant in TDAS?

    11. Who was the pain magnet contestant in TDPI?

    12.In the bold and the booty-ful What were the things the contestants had to find?

    13.Which contestant did the s…

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