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    Number 23 of how well do you know Total Drama. Sorry the previous one was so short.

    1. How does Sugar spell gone when she eliminates Ella?

    2. What season does Courtney not compete on the'inferior' team?

    3.Bridgette getting her tongue stuck to a pole in TDWT and Heather getting stuck to a pole in a TDAS bonus clip is a reference to what movie?

    4.In That's off the chain who had training wheels on their bike?

    5. In that's off the chain who were the contestants that had engines on their bikes?

    6.In not so happy campers part 2/ the not so great doors part 2 what was Courtney 's excuse for not jumping?

    7. In the race through Central Park in TDWT who were the contestants in the baby carriages?

    8. In ROTI who did Scott frame for stealing the items of the …

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    How well do you know Total Drama 22.

    1. What were the reasons for each contestant's elimination in TDAS?

    2. What were the reasons for each contestant's elimination in TDPI?

    3. What was Izzy doing in her first audition tape?

    4.Who said they had a medical condition that prevented them from jumping off cliffs in the first TDI challenge?

    5.What location in TDWT did Lindsay remember Tyler?

    6. Who are the contestants that had a picture of Chris in their audition tape?

    7.What two challenges had a contestant as an reward?

    8.Who did Blaineley end up competing in TDWT?

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    How well do you know Total Drama? 21

    1.What is Blaineley 's real name?

    2.How many pages was Courtney 's outline to make Duncan the perfect boyfriend?

    3. What level of awesome did Sam call the heroic hamsters after they brought him breakfast in saving private leechball?

    4.In Lindsay 's audition tape what two 'languages' did she say she spoke?

    5.Other than Gwen and Jasmine what other contestant has claustrophobia?

    6.Who was the first contestant to use the confessional in TDI?

    7. Who was the first contestant to use the confessional in TDWT?

    8.Who did Harold want to cheer for in the cheering challenge in TDA

    9.Who are the two contestants that never competed on the inferior team?

    10.Why did Trent choose Justin and Lindsay for the teams in TDA?

    11.Who beat…

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    Total Drama season three also known as Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama the musical. But what if everything that happened in season three happened but wasn't a musical? Well if TDWT wasn't a musical it would basically be TDA but all over the world. It would still be an awesome season. Well the only good thing about it not being a musical Ella wouldn't be a character(making TDPI less of a freak show).So what are your opinions on if World tour wasn't a musical season? Well Duncan might be part of team Amazon.

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    Pahkitew Island the second part of season five of Total Drama eventhough it is sometimes called season six.Also this is either the worst or second worst season of Total Drama.( depending on who you ask.) In a way it is similar to Revenge of the island because -

    The Island is unique. In Revenge of the island camp wawanakwa was full of toxic waste making the island unique. In Pahkitew Island the island is mostly artificial making the island unique.

    A character referencing the Irwin family. Mike with his alternate personality Manitoba is a reference to the Irwin family.Jasmine (pretty much the only likable character in that season) is a reference to the Irwin family.

    An athletic girl makes it to the final three. In ROTI Zoey who is athletic mad…

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