Boy I realize what a fool I've been.......Or rather, a bigger fool than I already was, LOL.

After looking back on it all I've come to realize...........Total Drama All-Stars was incredible! :D

Seriously, the greatest con ever conceived. It's all making sense now, the single greatest trolling scam in the history of animation, and it is just wonderful for that! All those plots that we were so quick to forget about, all those characters we had thought were destined for better things this time around.........Pffffft! Phooey to all of them, Zoke's where it's at, homies! :D :D :D :D :D

Yes, I've fallen in love with Zoke again, heaven forgive me for ever walking out on such a deep and heartwarming story on how great the power of love truly is. Sure a lot of people got hurt, a lot of pain and disappointment tread the path on which they walked, but in the end, their passion and endurance prevailed, and Mike and Zoey are together at last. :) It was so wonderful the first time, and even better the second time! They finally kissed onscreen, YAY!!!!!!! You go, guys! You really earned it this time. :)

Oh yeah, there were a bunch of other characters I used to love and support who came along for the ride, but too bad for them, they didn't harbor the immense passion that burns brightly between these two. They all had their runs and what brilliant runs they were. Sure they lost their shot at the million, some of them lost all their friends, some of them lost their dignity, some of them suffered for nothing............But hey, life sucks, right? They'll get over it. :3 Assuming they ever set foot on solid earth again. XD

Took me a long time to recognize what All-Stars was really trying to accomplish, and now that it's become so clear to me, I have a newfound appreciation for it. :D Seriously, what a stroke of genius it all was! Should've gotten a Gemmie, it was so tastefully conceived and masterfully executed. And Chris is such a brilliant host, phew! Dude, wish I were co-host so I could get in on that action.

A brilliant piece of animation, to heck with all the critics were saying. They just don't understand great art, ha ha ha ha. XD

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