• Fire Eater

    I've Changed My Mind

    April 1, 2015 by Fire Eater

    Boy I realize what a fool I've been.......Or rather, a bigger fool than I already was, LOL.

    After looking back on it all I've come to realize...........Total Drama All-Stars was incredible! :D

    Seriously, the greatest con ever conceived. It's all making sense now, the single greatest trolling scam in the history of animation, and it is just wonderful for that! All those plots that we were so quick to forget about, all those characters we had thought were destined for better things this time around.........Pffffft! Phooey to all of them, Zoke's where it's at, homies! :D :D :D :D :D

    Yes, I've fallen in love with Zoke again, heaven forgive me for ever walking out on such a deep and heartwarming story on how great the power of love truly is. Sure …

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  • Fire Eater

    Call to Save Total Drama

    December 2, 2013 by Fire Eater

    Another season of Total Drama once again comes and goes bringing with it almost nothing but disappointment.

    Total Drama All-Stars has pretty much been a waste of time, much like most of the other seasons that have come to be since the end of Total Drama Island. This season has embraced most of what I think are the worst trends in the show since Island ended, and it is clear that no lessons have been learned from the show's past mistakes and missteps.

    All of these problems go back to the direction of the series, all the way back to the crews that have produced it. This has been some of the most troubling and most inconsistent writing I've seen from any animated show by far, all the way from Action to All-Stars. All of it falls back on the tea…

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