Audition Tape

Blainley is at the mall. Her face has seen to turn her camera on to record. Hi Cody I'm here for the show in Global Drama will you be my new boyfriend. Blainley says. When you're good but hey it doesn't matter I could get to participate for around the world.

"Say Chris I could worship for one season at this rate I can be famous." Blainley explains. "I'm kinda good for my best friends with Mark, Kerry, Billy, Fred, Matt and Jody. I can get to be famous for the paste they add me for the photo."

Blainley would be a co-host but you're having good times. "I'm sure for the shorts but I like the lipsticks everybody will like my styles." "Pretty easy but you know Cody and I are in love for the couples."

"Especially of my respect I can get to go to Japan for the petz in that store I can buy my new pet Kai Ken for share. I can frame you for a bit I can shopping with friends in a hangout like i could message you Chris be ordinary. I'm Trusting you! Now I have learn for the free way come for the beads and don't be shy."

Blainley then succeeds to be choke by a serpent snake.

"Guys a! Blainley says, gasping for breath. The camera fades to black.


"I'm partipicated on the show, this time I will win this season for my new boyfriend Cody, I guess I won't mind. I can get to be nice to all my friends for the short but I going to be good for Chris. I can face one of them in the final two for which it's stands for the deeds. I'm still the famous on TV that's who I can stronger, better and faster. I can do for the whole wide world. To know I can conflict Alejandro he's not my type and expect Cody I can kiss him he's my type.

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