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  • I live in United States
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Actor
  • I am Male
  • Finnmcmissilecar

    Cassandra: The Gymnastic Player

    Cassandra is 16 years old she decided to join the gymnastic team. She practice harder and harder She a long ponytail platinum blonde hair tied up with a yellow ribbon she goes to the gymnastics store, buy a blue gymnastics clothes, she trained hard and her teammates can help her to win this school year. She entered with her teammates to gymnastics high school tournament well she never fells so much but she is a good player then she always having a good time to be in the gymnastics style with Vault, Uneven Bars and Floor she had the most points. So the Judges gave 30 points with 10 signs the gymnastic team won the championship and she became an MVP she got a trophy and crowds cheer her and she is happy.


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  • Finnmcmissilecar

    This is my new OC season where all players will enter the television 12 new OC players 6 returning contestants will compete one million dollars if they ever won it before please compromise and create an OC.

    These the basic points of OC will get 25 points add there the simple instructions all people will know try not to be mean or bad things to do.

    Finn (The Popular)

    Athletism: 7

    Physical: 10

    Kindness: 8

    He's the number one boy he can enter the Television but his parents can help do the chores so he can take out the garbage, wash dishes vacuum the dust bunnys and wash the tables and the chairs he can leave but screw him he made doing his own thing.




    OC Please

    I have an announcement my season is on hiatus so I can start later…

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  • Finnmcmissilecar

    Blainley is at the mall. Her face has seen to turn her camera on to record. Hi Cody I'm here for the show in Global Drama will you be my new boyfriend. Blainley says. When you're good but hey it doesn't matter I could get to participate for around the world.

    "Say Chris I could worship for one season at this rate I can be famous." Blainley explains. "I'm kinda good for my best friends with Mark, Kerry, Billy, Fred, Matt and Jody. I can get to be famous for the paste they add me for the photo."

    Blainley would be a co-host but you're having good times. "I'm sure for the shorts but I like the lipsticks everybody will like my styles." "Pretty easy but you know Cody and I are in love for the couples."

    "Especially of my respect I can get to go to Ja…

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