Hello everyone! This blog is going to be about Ridonculous Race, a new spin-off of Total Drama. This blog was inspired by a blog of DestructiveMilkshake (I hope, I got your name right), who discussed the odds of TD couples appearing in RR. As this is based on the Amazing Race, there will be pairs of people, who already know each other. So this one will be about what kind of pairs of new competitors can appear in this spin-off show. Let's go.

First of all, we don't know if Fresh TV is going to stick with their "only teens competing" thing, if yes, then the only pairs competing could be friends, siblings and BF&GF. If they will allow more aged contestants, then maybe there will be mother and daughter or dad and son. So here are my ideas:

  • Well, first there could be dad and son pair, in which dad is maybe some kind of well-known sportsman, while his son is bad at sports, so there will be the conflict, in which dad thinks son is a disgrace to him, and maybe he will have another son, who is not on the show, and who is like his dad. And daddy will always say that the elder brother is much better son. It might not even be about sports, but maybe army, or something.
  • Sisters. However, they won't be like Amy and Samey, they will both be good-ish, but one will be the fashionista, girly type, while the other will be a nerd or an athlete (just someone who doesn't care about her looks)
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but there will be a thing, like even though they are kinda dating, a girl is still not too sure, because a guy, is as she thinks, way too generic and boring. Despite the fact that they know each other since childhood, she always wanted a more exciting boyfriend, like a bad boy or something. That's why she tells him to say that they are just friends in the application form for the show. So he will try to impress her the whole season, before maybe saving her somehow, and she will understand that the person she's been looking for has been there the whole time. I am becoming a romantic, save me somebody!
  • It was supposed to be it, but I just thought of an idea, as I was writing, what if there is some elderly couple, who everyone will underestimaste and help, until they reveal that they are supervillains! What?

Ok, share your own ideas with me, please. Also even if it is not about chracters, what else do you want to see in this spin-off? I am really looking forward to it!

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