Hello again! This is part 2 of the blog series, where I share my (sometimes unpopular) opinions on how well or badly the contestants ranked in different seasons. This blog will focus on those who should have ranked higher, because of their physical capabilities, plot relevance or unused potential. Let's get started!

TDI: Courtney - You know, sometimes in reality shows, you look at a contestant, and you're all like "This is a finalist!", but then they get eliminated midway through. Well, that is Courtney in TDI. I enjoyed her more than in all of her other seasons here, and her speech after the first elimination of season one led me to believe that she is at least, making it to the top 5. Also, she was competent in the game, and was involved in one of the most important plotlines of the season (Duncney). Her elimination was undoubtedly unfair, and I still dont get why Harold didn't just get rid of Duncan instead. Perfect place: 6th.

Harold - The reason for him staying longer would probably be developing his relationship with Leshawna a bit, because no one really got what was going on with them before TDA started. Though he was eliminated in a memorable manner. Perfect place: 9th.

TDA: Lindsay - Her TDA elimination made almost as little sense as the TDI one. Writers really didn't know how to get rid of her, did they? Duncan escaping elimination for third time in a row did not help either. After so much development, a mere 6th place felt really underwhelming. She was also much more competent in the game, and plots like an alliance with Justin, friendship with Beth and, especially, rivalry with Courtney made her much more interesting. Of course, she was still funny, and, arguably, was the main comic relief of TDA. Perfect place: 1st/2nd.

Harold (again) - Maybe I am a bit biased, because I love Harold, but he deserved to be in the final with Lindsay. A lot of development for him, too. Relationship with Leshawna, an even more intense conflict with Duncan. He also became a valuable player for the team. The only plotline I wish they used more was his alliance with Heather. Perfect place: 1st/2nd

TDWT: Ezekiel: Some of you may be surprised, but after seeing episode 1, I thought that there was going to be a redemption arc for Ezekiel. Just think about it, he was the first one eliminated in season one, it would be a perfect opportunity to make him a protagonist, but the writers decided that making him a monster was a better idea. There even would be an explanation for him making it far, no one would ever target someone who was the worst in the previous season. Perfect place: 5th.

Bridgette: I was happy when Bridge returned for season 3. She was the first one out last season, so they will make her go farther this time, rigth? Wrong! She was competing for a grand total of 4 episodes. Bridgette was used as a tool to show how evil Alejandro is. Even if she wouldn't make the merge, I think she should have come close. Perfect place: 10th.

Noah: Before I start, I would like to thank Duncan for returning, ruining what was a really good episode, starting a fandom war, making top 5 again, and most importantly, eliminating a fan favorite! Noah in season 3 was much more helpful in challenges, while still maintaning his slacker attitude. He also had his entertaining frienship with Owen, and conflict with Alejandro. I don't know why Duncan, while voting, decided to go with a new guy, he did not know, and Tyler, who he barely ever spoke to, instead of his best friend, Owen. Perfect place: 7th.

TDRI: Dawn: This is mostly just about potential here. I mean the first TD contestant with supernatural abilities, and they just toss her out after 5 episodes with no real plotlines? Missed opportunities, I tell ya. Perfect place: 6th.

Brick: This one, guys. I do not know how writers could put Brick on 9th place. He had the plotlines (conflict with Jo), competence in challenges, and a load of potential. He was far more interesting than some characters who made it further (Lightning, Zoey), not to mention far more heroic than some of the heroes in All Stars (Sam, Sierra, Zoey). Perfect place: 3rd.

Jo - She could have been an amazing antagonist after Scott was gone, she could've been an amazing rival for Cameron in the finals, she could have given us more of her killer zingers in the meantime. But she only came fifth, and Lightning, far more inferior to her, in almost all the ways possible, made the finals. Jo's conflict with Cameron was much more dynamic, if you ask me. Perfect place: 1st/2nd.

TDAS: Lightning - After hating on Lightning for a long time, I have got to say, in those two AS episodes he was in, he was hilarious, and could have stayed for a bit longer. Perfect place: 10th.

Jo - So many missed opportunities; alliance with Lightning, friendship with Duncan, conflict with Heather. I think she was a merge material. Perfect place: 8th.

TDPI: Amy - Now, do not get me wrong, I dont like Amy, but the sister confict was pretty enjoyable and did not last enough. Also, I wish they did more with her than just making her a bad sister. Before the show came out, everyone was convinced she was going to be the main antagonist, the new Heather, maybe that she would get rid of Samey and pose as her to get far. I thought she would make the final 3. Also if that happened maybe next season the twins would come back, and Samey could get her revenge and become a main protagonist. However, judging by the reality of PI, the perfect place for Amy would probably be 8th.

Samey - Probably one of the almost universally liked characters of the franchise. Samey could really be a protagonist, she was the main focus of first 5 episodes, her friendship with Jasmine was the best we've seen in years, and she was decent with challenges. How she got eliminated was one of my least favorite eliminations in the franchise. Also she never got the chance to be herself, always trying to be like Amy. If she ever comes back, it would be great to know more about her as a character. Perfect place: 5th.

Well, that is about it. Who do you think was underrated in terms of ranking? Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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