Hello to all TD fans! This is a blog series that I will be making about rankings of different characters, which will have an unindetified amount of parts (at least 2). 

Now Total Drama is a reality show about a competition, and the biggest plotline of those is "Who will win?", so rankings are pretty important, especially considering it also determines each character's screentime. I have to say there are some characters who are make it a little farther than I would want them to, either because they have no more plot, or don't deserve it game-wise. Now this is just my opinion, so don't throw knives at me. we will evaluate the issue season by season.

TDI: Sadie - OK, so I was actually pretty happy when Katie got eliminated, because I thought that writers would now get the chance to develop Sadie as a separate human being. However in those 5 episodes she competed by herself, she barely did a thing! Seriously, if you take her out of her episodes, nothing will change. She should have been eliminated with her best friend, at least to save Fresh TV some money they spent to animate her.

DJ - I like DJ, but I will agree with those who say that he shouldn't have made it to top 8. He had no plot after the merge, aside from the guys' alliance, and it's not like he did much there either. Should have been out instead of Harold.

Owen - I was OK with him making the merge, but top 2? There are many characters who deserved it more than him. Leshawna, Heather, Geoff, Duncan, the list goes on. I would prefer him being 5th-10th.

TDA: Izzy - Now I know 10th place out of 15 isn't high, but what did her return even bring to the game (besides randomness)? She had no new plots, no relevant new interactions, didn't contribute to the challenges, and to be quite honest, despite how likeable Izzy is, by Full Metal Drama she got annoying.

Owen - And he did it again! Honestly if Owen didn't make it so far every time, I would like him more. Just like Izzy his return was useless. He should've stayed eliminated, instead of making it further than Harold and Lindsay.

Duncan - I do not think Duncan was terrible that season, but he could afford going home instead of Lindsay, that was a dumb elimination anyway. It is not like him staying longer made anything better. We got a little more of his rivalry with Harold, which isn't bad, but we've seen it before. And then we got a little more Duncney! Because being annoyed with them for 4 more episodes was necessary for my mental health.

Beth - I know this is a bit controversial, but for me Beth is a bit boring, for 90% of TDA she was just Lindsay's friend for me, nothing special. I think I would put her on 5th place if I could choose. Though I have to admit her voting out Courtney was pretty cool.

TDWT: DJ - Well, of course, he had the curse plotline, as terrible as it was, but game-wise he was the weakest on his team, the only reason he made it to 12th was because of luck, and the fact that somehow every time someone screwed up more than him. Should have been out after Duncan.

Cody - I can already feel all the Cody fans glaring at me, sorry to say that, but Cody was about as competent in the game as Mr. Coconut. Now he did win the commercial challenge in Japan for Team Amazon, but that is about it. Just like DJ it was all luck for him. He was on the strongest team, so no surprise he made it to the merge. The only time Team Amazon had to actually eliminate someone, he wasn't in danger, because everyone was too involved in the love triangle. He was the only one to not win a challenge out of the top 6 members, and was basically just carried by Sierra (even if involuntarily), while still being a huge jerk to her. And plot-wise, well he had Coderra. But the most annoying thing is that, in my opinion, Sierra was introduced to give Cody a look at himself. So, of course, after being tortured by Sierra for a season he understood that he was annoying to Gwen and stopped trying to woo her ..... Just kidding! He changed nothing, he is still a major stalker. Character development, anyone?

TDRI: Lightning - He didn't have a plot for half of the season! And you are going to tell me he is a worthy finalist? Nuh-huh, replace him with Jo! Though, I gotta admit competition-wise he deserves it. Should have been out instead of Sam or Brick.

TDAS: Sam - He is not an All Star at all. He didn't even make it that far in RI. In All Stars he had no plot, other than being a butt of pain jokes, I wanted him to be new Harold, not new Tyler! And he was useless 3 out of 4 episodes. And, of course, he was eliminated the first episode, in which he actually did something. A terrible elimination, by the way. It is not even about being eliminated earlier, Sam shoul not have even been there.

Scott - Other than the fact that Scott in RI and Scott in AS are two different people, I feel that him making it to the top 3 was a bit weird, I mean, he was mainly a comic relief, he had his relationship with Courtney which didn't quite work, and that's about it. Honestly he could have went home with or instead of Courtney. Also he seemed to forget how to play the game, not a thing he did was even slightly villanous. Also if writers are trying to make Scott the new Duncan, I am not up for that, so he better be one of the first three eliminated next season with no return.

Mike and Zoey - I am not going to say what has been said a million times already, so I'll just sum it up in one sentence: Worst top 2 ever.

TDPI: Topher - The fact that this guy almost made the merge is beyond me. He was useless for his team, he was annoying to Chris, and he was both to the TD fanbase. Should have been out instead of Samey.

Max - Now I kinda like Max, he can be funny at times, but top 5 is not the placing I would give him, he had one plotline, like Topher, but thankfully interacted with more characters. He wasn't exactly the best player either, so keeping him around for that long was not a good decision. And worst of all, he didn't even compete an episode without Scarlett! Also did he really finish just a place lower than the Queen Jasmine? SRSLY?

Well, share your opinion on who outstayed their welcome, thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

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