Hello everyone! Today I would like to discuss, probably the scariest and worst thing that ever happened to TD franchise - Total Drama All Stars. And even though I am not going to say that its first half was great, it wasn't, but most of the season's problems come from its post-merge part, so this is how I would improve All Stars' second half:

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

In my opinion, it is a very boring and rushed episode. I would actually make contestants compete in pairs, depending on the order of them making it to the dock, and they would get their respective vehicles based on that. Gwen and Courtney would arrive first, getting them a motorboat, Mal and Alejandro would get The Boat of Losers, Duncan and Zoey would get one of the boats, contestants used in Newfoundland, and Cameron and Scott would get a raft. Alejandro and Mal would form an alliance, Gwen and Courtney would not be Katie and Sadie, Duncan would try to convince Zoey not to trust Mal, and Scott and Cam would be comic relief. In the end, Mal and Al win, while everyone else is on the chopping block. Also, Duncan isn't an idiot, so he doesn't destroy Chris' mansion and doesn't get arrested. Mal sees that Cameron starts getting suspicious about him, so he tries to get him eliminated. He convinces Alejandro to vote against Cam, as like this they would get rid of Zoey's only chance of getting the votes of Courtney, Scott and Gwen, leaving her and Duncan by themselves. Al agrees. Scott votes against Cam, too, and so does Courtney. Zoey, Cameron and Duncan vote against Scott, while Gwen votes against Duncan. Like this Cameron is eliminated (though ideally he'd be out by episode 5)

Zeek and Ye Shall Find

For hunting on Zeke, Mal pairs up with Zoey, so that it would not seem suspicious. Alejandro sees this as a chance to get new allies, because he doesn't trust Mal too much. He pairs up with Gwen, who is also pretty desperate for allies after getting turned down by Scott and Courtney. Duncan goes by himself. Zoey is the first one captured by Zeke, and Mal sees this as an opportunity to spy on others and see what they're up to. Scott and Courtney are soon found by Zeke, and Scott becomes really scared, dumping Courtney, but soon being captured, too. Alejandro and Gwen soon get lost and separated, shortly after that, Alejandro is found by Ezekiel. Gwen bumps into Duncan and being too scared to go by herself, agrees to team up. After walkng for a few minutes in awkward silence, Duncan asks her if the reason behind their break up is him being a good guy. She says no, and tells him the real reason of the break up, also saying that it is cool that he is showing a softer side. They become friend-ish again, but Gwen declines Duncan's offer of becoming a couple. Duncan also warns her about Mike, which Mal overhears right before getting captured by Ezekiel. When they get close to Zeke's hideout, he kidnaps Duncan, leaving a really scared Gwen almost turning back, before she sees Chef running in her direction. He gives her a bazooka, and together they fight off Zeke, making him escape and earning the goth girl the victory. Mal makes both Alejandro and Zoey vote for Duncan, even though the latter does not want to. Courtney is mad at Scott, because he left her to be kidnapped by Zeke, so she votes for him, and Scott votes for her. Gwen and Duncan vote against Mike, so in a close vote Duncan is out.

The Obsta-Kill Course

Not much happens during the challenge, except for Courtney and Scott arguing, which annoys Gwen, and Mal trying to prevent Zoey from winning (unlike the original episode). Also, Alejandro doesn't find out about Mal. In the end, Mal wins the challenge. While choosing who to vote for, Scott and Courtney both state that the other member of the couple should be gone, but Gwen says that they can't lose the advantage of being the strongest alliance in the game, and Scottney make up. The three have to choose between Zoey and Al, in the end, they choose Zoey, due to Alejandro having no allies (at least, that's what they thought) and Zoey's skills. Mal tells both Alejandro and Zoey to vote against Scott, saying that so will Courtney, guaranteeing him being out. Chris decides to show the campers who voted against who, and as expected Zoey and Alejandro voted against Scott, while Gwen, Scott and Courtney voted for Zoey, however not only do campers find out about Mal, but they are shocked to find out that he voted Zoey out, resulting in her elimination. So very shocked Zoey gets the flush.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

First of all, there is no Courtney's chart, ever! How could someone think that this is a good idea? The episode begins with Courtney, Scott and Gwen, as well as Alejandro, saying that they have to make sure that Mal doesn't win and vote him out. Chris announces that today's challenge is sudden death, so the person, who arrives at the finish line last. is out of the game. Courtney becomes the winner of he challenge, closely followed by Gwen and Al, so it is between Scott and Mal. Mal arrives mere seconds before Scott and the latter is eliminated. However, Chris shocks everyone, when he says that Scott isn't the only loser de jour, as someone else will be eliminated by votes. Courtney and Gwen vote against Mal and Mal votes against Gwen. Chris then says that it is a tie, as Alejandro felt that he would have harder time dealing with a strong alliance of Courtney and Gwen, and voted against Gwen. As a tiebreaker Mal and Gwen have to eat their own sundaes. Gwen tries to eat it as fast as she can, while Mal takes it slowly. Soon Gwen gets a brain freeze, what Mal was hoping for, as now he eats it quickly, getting it eaten before Gwen. Her and Scott are then flushed, after saying that they hope Courtney wins.

The Bold and the Booty-Ful

So, it is now final three! But as all alliances are broken, each one of them is by themselves. The challenge, unlike the original one, takes place on Boney Island, where each semifinalist has to find a special souvenir. Courtney has to look for a cursed tiki idol in caves of the spooky skull mountain. Alejandro has to look for his pineapple replica in the lake. Mal has to look for Larry's flower in the "Fun Zone", The first two contestants who come back to camp Wawanakwa with their souvenirs are the final two. Mal is the first to complete the challenge and makes it to the finale. After an intense race between Al and Courtney, the C.I.T comes first, and Alejandro is flushed right before the finale.

The Final Wreck-ening

Mal vs Courtney- our final two. So as much as I'd like to change the challenge, I guess it is still "The Moats of Doom". Every eliminated camper is back and they choose who to root for. Courtney and Mal both get to pick 2 helpers. Courtney quickly picks Gwen and Scott, while Mal automatically gets Zoey, as she is the only one cheering for him. Chris then randomly picks someone from team Courtney to help him, that person being Alejandro, who, however, doesn't do anything, but flirt with Heather the whole time. Mike finally regains control, thanks to Zoey, while both Scott and Gwen give it their all to help Courtney win.Each finalist gets their ending. I guess, camp Wawanakwa sinks, just like in the original or TDPI would not make sense.

So, that's it! Phew, I wrote much! No one is going to read it, probably. But I just had to let it go (Can't hold it back anymore!) OK, Happy Halloween (at least, it is now in my country, probably already passed in yours)! 

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