Everything Wrong With - Basic Straining

Sin #1


  • Technically, there were five challenges last time, Chris.

Sin #2/3


  • I guess Sadie’s elimination wasn’t significant enough for Chris to mention it.
  • Which reminds of just how irrelevant she’s been since Katie got the boot.

Sin #4/5/6


  • Where did Duncan and Geoff get the ingredients for s’mores? Even if we assume that they stole them from Chef’s kitchen, none of his dishes seemed to include chocolate or anything that resembles it.
  • Also, this episode never explains why Duncan and Geoff still pick on Harold, so from now on, every time they do something similar, the episode is going to get a sin for bullying.
  • Duncan’s piercing is on the wrong side of his face.        

Sin #7


  • Why are they running in different directions?

Sin #8


  • Though Chef gives DJ a hard time for not facing exactly forward, we’ll see that the campers will still stand sideways afterwards.

Sin #9


  • Okay, that’s just unnecessary. Especially considering how Harold didn’t do most of the things the others were scolded for.

Sin #10


  • Why does the possibility of death give Owen this much joy?

Sin #11/12


  • Chris and Chef showcase their newly acquired teleportation skills.
  • Chris probably mentioned that jokingly, but are campers actually given lunch? In the first episode, Chef Hatchet said that he would feed them three times a day, so is it breakfast-lunch-dinner or breakfast-dinner-supper? Lack of details.

Sin #13


  • Chef has to be significantly heavier than Chris. While I realize that the Bass are the physically stronger team, it still seems like the difference is too big.

Sin #14-18


  • Where did Geoff get that fishing rod?
  • Also, he isn’t holding the canoe.
  • It seems like Harold’s underwear is fully covered by his T-shirt and pants, so how did Geoff manage to do that?
  • Bullying.
  • And Harold took his hands off the canoe, too. Does that mean that the campers could just take turns holding it while Chef wasn’t looking?

Sin #19


  • It’s impossible to hold something above your head while sleeping.

Sin #20


  • This whole scene makes it seem as if campers could freely remove their hands from the canoe and walk around, and wouldn’t have lost, unless they actually rang the bell. 

Sin #21


  • So, Lindsay just hit a bell with her head and that elicits no response from her whatsoever?

Sin #22


  • Considering that the Gophers don’t let go of the canoe, it looks like they’re being sucked underground.

Sin #23


  • That is unnecessary, Chef, she is standing right in front of you.

Sin #24


  • The campers’ reactions are justified: Chef said that the day would end when one of them quits, which happened. 

Sin #25


  • Since this is supposed to be military training, it’s worth pointing out that they don’t actually feed soldiers literal garbage in the army.

Sin #26


  • That was evidently an unusually nutritious breakfast; fruit and eggs aren’t frequent guests on the campers’ plates.

Sin #27


  • Sure, but they will have a file of you getting an equivalent of a panic attack from green jelly.

Sin #28-30


  • Harold accepts the apple juice, despite stating that he was allergic to them in the previous episode.
  • Did he only start feeling the taste after drinking the whole thing?
  • Bullying

Sin #31


  • In this shot, Duncan’s piercings don’t move in sync with his eyebrows, which makes it seem like he just pierced his forehead.

Sin #32


  • They don’t do this in the army, either.

Sin #33/34


  • Why is Lindsay participating? Is this not considered part of the training?
  • Also, I find it hard to believe that they can be this synchronized.

Sin #35


  • Duncan’s right; Chef’s being a jerk.

Sin #36


  • So, did the campers just wait for Gwen to finish cleaning the bathroom before they started the next challenge?

Sin #37


  • They certainly don’t do this in the army.

Sin #38


  • Did Heather require this much paper to write 300 words? Is she writing five words on each page or something?

Sin #39


  • As the clock shows earlier, they were given two hours to complete the essay, which is very generous, so how is Harold, who is supposed to be smart, still writing?

Sin #40


  • That looks way more than five pages, to me.

Sin #41/42


  • So Harold struggled to finish, but Owen wrote the entire essay and found time to take a nap?
  • Also, he is supposed to be disqualified for falling asleep.

Sin #43


  • The dark circles around their eyes are gone.

Sin #44/45/46


  • Since the essay challenge lasted until 3 am, and this one is supposed to begin at 5, they still wouldn’t have enough energy to complete this effectively.
  • Also, where is Bridgette?
  • And Harold?

Sin #47


  • While this is more army-like than anything they have done this episode, the axes are overkill.

Sin #48


  • There’s no way he managed to swallow this much mud by just landing into it.

Sin #49


  • Gwen seems a little too sorry for Harold here.

Sin #50


  • How did Owen manage to get out of the ring he was stuck in?

Sin #51


  • How did that even happen?

Sin #52/53


  • The campers are way too shocked for people who have never heard of the boathouse before.
  • Sure, Duncan has to go to the scary boathouse, but one of your fellow campers was literally drowning seconds ago, will no one care about that?

Sin #54


  • There are a lot of sharp objects, yes, but it isn’t as bad as Chef and the campers make it out to be.

Sin #55


  • There was no broom in the room before.

Sin #56


  • It looks like Courtney put the flashlight in her pocket, but it clearly wouldn’t fit. She didn’t put it on the box she’s sitting on either, since it’s not there in the later shot. 

Sin #57


  • Where did she get that fish?

Sin #58


  • What is she pointing at? Duncan threw the bowl into the opposite direction.

Sin #59


  • Does Courtney not understand the concept of stealing? I mean I know that she follows the rules, but she isn’t a saint.

Sin #60


  • The “moving, while hiding behind an inanimate object” cliché.

Sin #61


  • “Hey, Courtney, do I look better with my nose piercing on this side?"

Sin #62


  • Enjoying the view, huh, Courtney?

Sin #63


  • Do Chef and Chris put bread in the refrigerator?

Sin #64


  • I see Ezekiel wasn’t wasting any time, landing a gig for a dairy company and all.

Sin #65


  • Pretty sure those nails weren’t made for most things you’ve been doing on this show.

Sin #66


  • No, you wouldn’t, the minimal age for joining the army in Canada is 17 years old. You’re 16.

Sin #67


  • Bullying.

Sin #68


  • It’s so romantic… until you remember that Courtney just threw up.

Sin #69/70


  • It’s not that surprising, Harold; anyone with half a brain saw it coming a mile away.
  • Also, where was Heather during this whole scene in the cabin?

Sin #71


  • Considering that it’s summertime and that the obstacle course started at 5, there’s no way it is still that dark.

Sin #72/73


  • “Ancient form of torture”? Is Chef confusing army with jail?
  • How does Geoff’s hat not fall off? And no, the whole super glue thing from Ridonculous Race is not a proper explanation - we’ve seen him remove it before.

Sin #74


  • "He’s alright… except he can’t move his eyes”.

Sin #75


  • You quit just because Owen farted on you? Weak!

Sin #76/77


  • She has to be in much bigger pain.
  • And her belt is the wrong color.

Sin #78


  • Is she laughing at what happened to Heather? Because it’s not that funny.

Sin #79


  • Lindsay was so happy about the Gophers’ victory that she decided to change her outfit for the occasion.

Sin #80


  • Bridgette, you’re supposed to say “yeah!” Where is your team spirit?

Sin #81


  • Well, technically, they voted for you over Harold. You vote for the person you want to eliminate.

Sin #82


  • Bridgette is not surprised at all. Does that mean she voted against Courtney? If yes, then why? She seemed much closer to her than to Harold.

Sin #83


  • Why do Chef and Chris hate Courtney so much? They waited for all the other contestants to reach the Boat of Losers by themselves.

Sin #84


  • The way she says it makes it seem like they will never meet again. Even if campers didn’t know about Playa des Losers, it was 2007 – they could search each other up on Facebook or something.


  • Okay, one sin removed for how sweet this scene was.

Sin #84/85


  • So, if that box was always in the voting booth, the only thing keeping someone like Heather from rigging the vote was, what, respect for the game?
  • While I understand the whole “voting off Courtney would hurt Duncan the most” argument, but it still would be more consequential to just vote off Duncan.

BONUS: Courtney's Audition Tape

Sin #86

  • So much for “Courtney never breaks rules”. Pretty sure that you are not allowed to swear in school.

Sin #87

  • Overall, it seems very unlikely that a perfectionist like Courtney would send this as her audition tape.


PUNISHMENT: Solitary confinement in ... the boathouse *gasp*

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