Hello, people if the TD Wiki, today I present you my most memorable moments from episodes 1 and 2 of Ridonculous Race. I decided to do that instead of a usual review, because there a lot of those already. The moments I’ll be talking about will range from the characters I found interesting to the challenges that excited me. So, let’s not waste any more time, then.

7. HIGH Fashion.


Meet Jen & Tom, the fashion bloggers, who are also officially the first non-crazy bloggers in TD history. They got a lot of focus in episode 1, and they also probably won’t last long, so let’s talk about these two, while they’re still with us. These two share the belief that there’s nothing worse than ruining their hair on national TV. Heather would be proud. They continue hosting their blog, despite having no access to Internet. They are not afraid of telling it like it is, I mean, overalls are pretty ermm… unique. And finally, they’re fabulous and they know it. What can I say? These two really have style, and you can’t deny that. Also good call on the elevator, guys. There are people who ship Tom and Jen, personally I’m not too sure, I think they’re just friends. While I don’t think they will be fierce competitors, at least they’ll look fierce when competing.

6. What Happened at the Airport?

So, after teams complete the challenges in Toronto, they have to book seats on one of 3 flights to Morocco. However, the distribution between flights is completely bogus. Sisters, vegans and geniuses are supposed to be on flight #1, but somehow drop in favor of father and son, daters and reality TV pros. We can only guess what happened, so let me do just that. Dwayne and Junior could outrun these three teams, as they weren’t too far behind; Ryan could just muscle his way through, though he seems a little too nice for that, and Owen and Noah could use two tactics: either Owen slid on his belly with Noah on top, or he farted, either of these options made teams in front of them shake in fear and run for dear lives.

5. Screenhoggers of Our Time.

If you’re a fan of TD, you probably heard the term “screenhogger” a.k.a. someone who makes it so far, that it becomes annoying. I’ve already seen people use this word to describe three pairs that received a lot of focus in first two episodes – Carrie and Devin, Macarthur and Sanders and Josee and Jacques. If you ask me, I agree that those three teams are probably making it far, but calling someone a screenhogger for a successful performance in just one season is kinda harsh. These people are just main characters of this season, in TD Duncan is a screenhogger because he always makes the merge, while Zoey is one because because she made it to the final 3 for two seasons in a row. But, anyway, let’s talk about the characters themselves. I will talk about our best friends a little later, so let’s focus on cadets and ice dancers, since the two show signs of a rivalry.

Cadets – Sanders and Macarthur are a great ”bad cop, good cop” duo, and seem to work together pretty well, even though Macarthur is clearly the leader, who has no time or patience to wait for her partner, which results in Sanders being frequently carried by her through the competition, both figuratively and literally. These two are really funny and kept me entertained through the premiere.

Ice Dancers – Josee and Jacques are most likely the antagonists of RR. At least, Josee seems sorta mean, Jacques could just be her follower. The way they always do everything with a smile is creepy, but funny at the same time. Turns out, these two got silver during their time on Olympics, which haunts Jacques to this very day. Josee is quick to tease him for that, herself, she carries a rabbit's foot, and believes it is responsible for every good thing in her life. Her answer to Jacques “Of course you can’t” is usually used by me, when someone wants to touch my N figurine.

Yeah, these pairs might get a lot of screentime, but they’re really entertaining in my book, so I don’t mind. There will always be people who make it far and those who don’t. Speaking about that…

4. Once a Fodder, Always a Fodder.

Yup, this episode’s sore losers are the LARP-ers Leonard and Tammy. The moment is sad because Leonard is kind

of like Ezekiel, as he just can’t make it farther than episode 2. I am not really angry at the writers for giving him the boot so early, just a little disappointed. He was actually much less annoying than in Pahkitew Island, which can have three possible reasons:

a.       He didn’t have anyone to argue with, there was no Dave who would call him crazy.

b.      He had a person just like him – Tammy, who made him seem less insane, their friendship is actually sweet.

c.       He didn’t have as much screentime. Yeah, this one is self-explanatory.

At the very least, he had a nice send-off, saying he enjoyed his time and was happy to share it with Tammy. That’s real sweet…. Moving on!

3. The Cinnamon Challenge.

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So, when teams arrive in Morocco, they have to buy five different spices at a local kiosk, which is inexplicably located in the middle of the desert. The catch is they have to pick the spices themselves. While I disagree with Dwayne’s “Leave the cooking to the women!” outlook, I gotta admit I would probably fail at this challenge, I would only be able to tell cinnamon, paprika and maybe saffron apart. While some teams struggle, most of them do pretty well, which is interesting, as most of the contestants are age 16-25 a.k.a. the time when you probably don’t quite know your way around kitchen, at least in terms of spices. But if there’s one person, who I actually feel bad for here – it’s Youssef, poor guy has to keep his cool through teams arguing, ruining his kiosk, hypocritically yelling at him for not speaking English, and Carrie’s never-ending “Cinnamon! Cinnamon! Cinnamon!”. Like, calm down, honey, it is not that big of an accomplishment to recognize the most widely used spice in Western world. Devin teases her for that, and then they start talking about cinnamon lattes, which I’m not sure if that scene was adorable or lame.

However, it is when the teams start putting their spices into the stew, and then the real fun ensues. Well, “fun”. While a lot of people have to swallow their own barf, and a camel pukes on Miles, the most disgusting scene has to go to Owen. It turns out that Noah’s “pick five random spices” strategy is not a good way of making a delicious stew, and Owen has to eat an extremely spicy dish. He needs water and he drinks it from camel’s mouth. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

2. Mommy/Daddy/Sister/Brother Issues.

Is it just me, or are the family member teams the most crazy? All of them have some real problems.

First, you have Dwayne and Junior, the old school father and cool kid team, we all know how this storyline will end,

Justin, I mean, Junior will understand his dad is cool in his own way, when Dwayne saves him. But while they’re still not friends, we might as well keep watching as Junior is embarrassed by his dad, who was by the way, a pretty big burden in episode 2.  

Then we have mom and daughter - Kelly and Taylor. Taylor is a bratty spoiled kid, who always gets what she wants. Kelly is a trophy wife, who desperately tries to stay hip, despite being way too old for this. Great! These two should provide some drama, as Kelly stands up for herself and tells her dumb daughter to go to her room. Or, you know, Taylor keeps pushing her mom around until they’re out. But, let’s hope that won’t happen.

Emma and Kitty are probably the least dysfunctional, as Emma is just a bossy older sister, who we all have. Kitty, on the other hand is air-headed and doesn’t focus on the million bucks. Despite that, I see Kitty getting more and more annoyed with her sister as the show progresses.

Chet and Lorenzo are stepbrothers, who can’t stand each other and frequently throw some classy insults at each other, like “puke eater” and “poo-head”. They’re kind of annoying right now, not only to me, but probably also to their parents. Like, their parents are probably throwing a party, celebrating how they successfully kicked those two out of the house, while Chorenzo don’t stop calling them. Stepbrothers might be a little funny now, but I could see them getting on my nerves in later episodes. If anything, these two being put in foster care is much more likely than their mom and dad filing for a divorce.

1.    Shellie Shock

Let’s now talk about Carrie and Devin. Labeled “best friends”, these two seemed pretty boring, when they were first announced. To be fair, many people still find them uninteresting. Carrie has an obvious secret, she’s in love with Devin, which she interestingly admits while staring at Devin slurping stew from a bowl. The guy has no manners, but that’s exactly what makes Carrie love him. I mean, she did fall in love with him, just because he peed in her pool. OK, maybe she said “when”, not “because”, but still. Some shows might make a girl fall in love with a boy, because he helped her wounded leg or told her not to give up, but RR is keeping it real. Every childhood romance starts with juvenile delinquency. But anyway, it seems that these two will make it to the finals, and when they win, Carrie is going to tell Devin how much she loves him, and they will kiss, and marry, and have two kids and a dog! Right?



Devin has a girlfriend. And it’s not Carrie, it is Shellie. Now some of you might remember the Skave fiasco, however, there are a few key differences. For example, Sky was well aware that Dave likes her, while Devin is pretty oblivious to Carrie’s feelings. The other thing is that Sky wanted to break up with Keith, while Devin seems to be in love with Shellie. Also, unlike Dave, Carrie is fully aware of Devin’s love interest. These three points make the Darrie storyline a lot more complicated and interesting. There aren’t a lot of ways this storyline can even reach a happy ending. Carrie can decide that if Devin is happy, then so is she, and tell him nothing (a la Cody), or she can tell Devin, Devin understands that what he’s looking for has been here the whole time and cheats on Shellie on national television (a la Sky), or he rejects Carrie, which strains their relationship, and makes them lose(a la … wow, I actually can’t remember a situation like this in TD history). Whatever the ending, this storyline sure excites me. For now though, all Carrie can do is sigh and whine, because she might flirt with Devin calling him Romeo, but in this adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet”, she is not senorita Capuletti, she’s that chick who Romeo dumped after seeing Juliet once.

Thanks for reading, folks. See ya tomorrow!

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