Hello, people of the TD Wiki, today I present you my most memorable moments from episode 4 of the Ridonculous Race. The moments I’ll be talking about will range from the characters I found interesting to the challenges that excited me. So, let’s not waste any more time, then.

4. My Ship Has Almost Sunk.

Ok, it’s uncomfortable to start from the end of the episode, but I guess I’ll have to. After completing the challenges in Calanque de Maubois teams have to drive a motor boat to the southern tip of Iceland. Most teams don’t face any major difficulties, but the potential lovebirds Carrie and Devin seem to have problems with the motor and have to go slowly, so that the boat wouldn’t stop in the middle of the ocean. After that Devin assumes that they are in last place now, and tells Carrie that while it is terrible to leave so soon, they were a great team, to which his teammate agrees.

Carrie’s line about them being a strong team sounded very Bridgette-esque. Seriously, if I wasn’t watching, I’d probably think Bridgette returned.

However, it’s not these two who get the award for the most tear-jerking moment of the episode. It’s a much deeper relationship of Geoff and Brody. My OTP! What do you mean Geoff is dating Bridgette? Um, well, whatever. The bros supported each other throughout the race; however this episode went totally south for them… you know, south of France! Brody had to swim with sharks for the Botch or Watch, and even told us that he hates participating in those, because if he messes up he’ll be held responsible. And he does, he can’t make the shark swim chase him towards shore and takes forever to get the tip. The two build the castle without any problems, but their boat stops in the middle of the ocean. Brody blames himself for their loss, and Geoff tries to cheer him up, but ends up admitting that he is pretty disappointed himself. Brody tries to fix the motor, but gets electrocuted, which boosts the boat a little. He keeps doing so until they catch up to Derrie, who have already spotted Iceland, which by the way, how did Carrie know it’s Iceland? She didn’t look at the GPS, maybe this was the Isle of Man or Faroe islands or something? Eventually best friends outrun the surfers leadin to them coming … 15th! Hurray! But who’s last then?

3. How Facetious!

Yup, the most memorable contestants ever – the geniuses were eliminated. I gotta say for characters who barely spoke before, they were actually pretty good in this one. Mary’s voice is cool, now that we’re able to hear it. Ellody still sounds like Courtney, though. Turns out they weren’t extremely popular In high school (what a shocker), and spent their time memorizing every street of every urban centre in the world. I am not exactly sure why they had to tell a Parisian driver where the train station is. Like, shouldn’t he know? Anyway, they arrive on train #2 and Mary has to swim with sharks, but scares them off with a magnet. Well, technically she didn’t scare them; she was just being facetious (whatever that means). It seems like things are looking up for Mary and Ellody, but being the

Team3Out (2)
geniuses that they are, girls overthink this and end up solving equations and writing formulas on the sand. Unfortunately, waves exist, and their work is literally erased from the face of Earth. Girls realize that they have to wing it, but they don’t know how, and are still seen trying to build a castle, when Don arrives on a helicopter to inform them that they’re out. Just like the other teams eliminated so far, they don’t seem particularly upset, instead finding the situation ironic. Guess, life really is a comedy for those who think.

2. Shark Baits.

As the teams arrive to the Mediterranean coast, one member of each team has to try and retrieve a tip from a dorsal fin of one of the sharks. I have to agree with Chet here, one person had to eat an extremely hot, spicy stew in the middle of the desert and risk their lives by going near sharks; the other had to draw a semi-decent painting. While some (ice dancers, cadets, geniuses, sisters, goths) didn’t seem to have problems with the given task, others … not so much. One of those also being Don. An award for best entry has to go the fashion bloggers. Turns out they decided to make a little detour and visit Cannes, where they met the Prince of Monaco, who sent them right to their destination on a yacht! Sure, Tom and Jen got a penalty for not taking the train, but they really didn’t seem to care. Miles didn’t impress sharks with her oath to protect them, and Owen just wished they were dolphins.


Ryan also had to complete the challenge, and despite not having way too much trouble, was assured by Steph that even if he got eaten by a shark, she would avenge him by eating that same shark, so they could stay together forever. This line is so ridiculous that it actually made me laugh. However, I think that Emma’s line about being happy that her little sister wouldn’t have to participate has to take the cake. “If anything ever happened to Kitty … they’d disqualify us immediately”. Sheesh, calm down, Courtney 2.0.

1.    Fathers and Sons.

Despite Mary and Ellody’s elimination and Brody and Geoff’s almost elimination, the pair that received the most focus was Dwayne and Junior. The episode starts with Junior uh, falling in love with Carrie? OK, I know love triangles are getting less important and serious with every passing season, but this? Ok. We’re not sure if it actually leads to anything or not, but still. Junior tries to bond with Carrie, while her partner is chasing a mime, who stole their tip for some reason. Dwayne steps in and talks about how Junior is moody, because he’s hitting puberty, and just like all of us, Carrie really doesn’t want to know about this, and is saved by the bell a.k.a. Devin. Junior complains about his dad always embarrassing him. It also turns out Junior has lucky undies. The duo makes it on the first train, and Dwayne proves his worth when he’s the first to complete the shark challenge. The next part of the challenge is building a sand castle, which would be more or less similar to the Palace of Versailles. They fail on their first try, but eventually succeed. They’re the first team to the boats, but Dwayne can’t figure how to start it. Junior

Dwayne interrupts Carrie-Junior
coaches his dad, and tells a story about his father ruining his bike, when trying to attach a bell to it. Father and son are the first to reach Iceland, but they receive a penalty due to Dwayne reading the tip before reaching shore. Ugh, really Don? Would it really make that much of a difference? Ice dancers win by a technicality and are seen going crazy in a hilarious frame. But did they go all the way back to France just to celebrate? All in all, great character development for those two, I’m happy that Junior and Senior are getting along.

Thanks for reading. 

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