Hello, people of the TD Wiki, today I present you my most memorable moments from episode 3 of Ridonculous Race. The moments I’ll be talking about will range from the characters I found interesting to the challenges that excited me. By the way, I’m sorry that I couldn’t upload a review yesterday, as it was a busy day. So, let’s not waste any more time, then.

4. Hitting the Net.

So, surprising no one the tennis rivals got eliminated this episode. People, who watch the Ridonculous Race mostly find either Dwayne or Laurie offensive, but if you ask me, these guys grind my gears the most. Honestly, they are

A bit sad
such an insult to old people. Tennis rivals? Fresh TV could’ve called them the Oldies and call it a day. Ok, just kidding, but I’m happy they’re out now, and not when their “We’re old” jokes would get, well, old. I also liked how they were rivals and not enemies, besides episode 1. And for what it’s worth they did pretty well in Morocco. They were actually on the first flight to Paris, but fell behind, when they forgot to tell the taxi driver (who seemingly also has two identical brothers, who drive the bros and fashion bloggers) where they want to go. I’m not sure what the logic behind this driver’s actions was. I mean there are two people running out of the airport, and instead of assuming they want to go to, you know, the most visited sightseeing spot on Earth, he decides they wanna visit some random farm in the middle of nowhere. Ok then. They fall even more behind, when their strategy to follow vegans to detect the cheese fails. In the end, it’s between them, the vegans, the rockers and reality TV pros. Then they fail to put all of their limbs on the Carpet of Completion, leading to their elimination. Well, at least, just like Leonard and Tammy, they get a nice send-off, joking about their agents, while slowly drifting through Parisian sewers on a wheel of cheese.

3. Les True Artistes.

So, after landing in the capital of France, the teams have to make their way on a cab to the Eiffel Tower. By the way, isn’t it weird how we pronounce Eiffel like Eye-full? That makes it seem as if the tower is in Germany, not

Stepbrothers and Goths
France. Speaking about things that aren’t French – Vincent van Gogh. My best guess as to why writers decided to go Dutch is there just aren’t any French artists whom an average CN watching 8 year old can recognize. Though, those are the same kids who watch TTG all day long, so yeah, so it may be that the target audience didn’t really get the reference.

Anyway, the challenge is to draw a caricature of your partner. Also, the person who did not eat the stew in Morocco had to do it. That’s a nice idea, but I’m not sure how many approved paintings actually qualify as caricatures. I mean, Geoff drew a pretty nice doodle of Brody, but increasing his bromancee’s muscle mass is pretty flattering, actually. Which is you know exactly not what a caricature is supposed to be, and

Devin Caricature
also the reason Carrie’s painting got rejected. I gotta say, I don’t blame Vincent, if anything there are two new character traits of Devin I discovered: A) Him claiming the portrait is to realistic makes him sorta narcissistic, and B) He has really reached Fred Jones levels of obliviousness, I mean, his “best friend” drew him naked surrounded by flowers, ribbons and baby angels, for Pete’s sake! Another interesting caricature is Taylor’s, who drew her mom as ermm… I don’t even what that is, but Kelly seems pleased. It’s also nice to know a little backstory about Kelly sacrificing her dreams to have the ungrateful spoiled bratty daughter that is Taylor. Another team that gives us a glimpse of backstory is the sisters. Turns out Emma had a boyfriend – Jake, who broke up with her possibly due to her bossy attitude, or maybe the break up was the reason it developed. I just wish Kitty annoying her sister with the break up. It’s rude to use emotional trauma, Kit!

2. The Battle of Fire and Ice, or Something.

The rivalry between cadets and ice dancers started last episode and now it’s in full swing. Macarthur can’t deal with Josee and Jacques’ perpetual smiling, which by the way is evident at all times. Both teams get on the first flight, and are the first two to get to the Botch or Watch. With Macarthur and Sanders’s driver crashing right into the ice dancers’ car. Both teams did reasonably well at the challenge, and made their way to the catacombs, where Macarthur uses her unique skills of detecting smuggled oranges to find the cheese required to proceed to the Louvre. The cadets are first to find the cheesy treasure, but Josee and Jacques are right behind. Ice Dancers

Ice Dancers and Cadets
quickly put their raft on waters, but forget their oars, which leads to by far the creepiest moment so far. “Jacques, you were supposed to take the oars” – just the way Josee says that sends chills down my spine. She is the most intimidating antagonist ever, seriously, don’t leave me alone with Josee. Cadets take the lead, but not for long, as it turns out ice dancers are used to being in terrible situations, as they catch up using the “duckling” type of swimming. Honestly, I really don’t know what this kind of swimming is called, but it reminds me of ducks. Then it’s the race to the Louvre, where cadets take the lead once again. “Push it Sanders! Feel the burn!” I don’t know about you, but I really wanna replace the “u” in burn with an “e”. In the end the cadets take first place, but it seems like the conflict is far from being over.

1.       Noah’s Bark.

I am actually really happy that Noah and Owen are back. I really like Noah, and unlike many people I actually like Owen as well. However, the way Noah has been treating his partner so far has been just rude. I mean in first two episodes, when he rejected a high five or didn’t like Bearie, it was fine, whatever. But when he showed zero care for Owen’s health while eating the stew, I was a little baffled. Noah basically told him to shut it and stuff it. This episode was the point, when Noah’s rudeness to his chubby friend reached an all-time high. First, while the caricature was undoubtedly a part of the challenge, it was still pretty harsh, and refusing a hug? RUDE! When the teams arrive at

Noah Drawing Owen
the finish line, they arrive 10th, but are penalized because Owen ate their raft. By the way, when the two arrive, Don humorously calls them Noah and his ark. That coupled with him telling the ice dancers that they probably hear that they’re 3rd often, makes me really like our new host. Owen is clearly sorry and almost has a mental breakdown, comparing himself to a dog, which leads to Noah, I’m not kidding here, beating Owen up with a newspaper. I didn’t know that a moment could be funny, sad and random at the same time. If Owen really was a dog, this would be animal abuse.

Now, in Noah’s defense, while Owen doesn’t mean any harm, with his untimely toilet breaks and cheese eating, anyone would get annoyed with him. Plus the know-it-all clearly wants to win this time, so you could interpret his harshness as determination. Whatever it is, I’m sure Noah doesn’t hate his big friend at all, he is just annoyed with Owen’s antics. 

Thanks for reading!

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