(Note- Before I begin, I want to say that l would like to know what you think, so please comment below. This will show me what I should write about, or if you agree or disagree.)


Usally I watch a lot of TD on Netflix. You get it with out commercials and you get to see the aftermaths with Jeff and Bridgett. Right now they have seasons one though four, with Allstars not there yet. While my sister and I were whatching TD, we noticed something: The episode "Up, Up and Away in my Pitiful Balloon" (10) and "Eat, Puke and Be Wary" (11) where in the wrong place. So you would see "Eat, Puke and Be Wary" (11) first and "Up, Up and Away" (10) second! People watching it can be totally confused! But other than that, Netflix is a great way to watch TD.


Two out of the five TD seasons, the winners actually get the money without it being destroyed. Beth used it on a trip to Paris. Who know what Duncun did with it. Cameron spent it on everyone else, while Lightning bought something stupid. My point is, the next season they're back wanting more. It makes no sense because they just got a million dollars. Aren't they satified? Have they really spent it already? They always complain about how they hate the competition and they want to go home.  Well they already won, why come back?

                                                                         Going Home 

Now I know that cartoons are not real and they die and come back all the time. But the way the contestants go out is ridiculous. First of all, jumping out of a plane with a crappy parachute, or not one at all, and being fine the next time you see them is stupid. A catapult that shoots you that far would definately do a lot of damage. Plus, where do you even land? And how would you get back home? Where does the toilet go? It seems like it could totally drown you. On the same token, a canon you jump into and goes who knows wrere would kill you. It's pretty creative,
Flying Squrriel!
but not very logical.

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