Hello to everyone that remembers me and hello to everything that does NOT know me! I am FelixRodriguez, a 20-year-old college student who is involved in many wikis and websites across the internet. Ever since TDWT ended I drifted away from the wiki but now that season 4 is here I am happy to be back!

But now I would like to give my thoughts on various bits and pieces of the latest season of Total Drama.

In this post I would like to hi-light the characters, when I first heard that the old cast was being replaced with a new one I was certainly skeptical. I believed that that the writers wouldn't be able to pull off new characters since the old cast had nearly done every old stereotype in the book, but thankfully my fears were put to bed when I watched the first episode of the new season. So far here are my thoughts on the new characters.

These are the strongest characters of the new bunch (to me).

Mike - A VERY well done character. I am surprised that his alternate personalities are well done and each distinguishable. The fact that he can't control them and is hesitant to admit them to the others is a very realistic reaction. The current love triangle is a very good part of the season so far, though I'm hoping it gets more focus in the later episodes instead of just a subplot right now.

Dawn - Again another well done character. Not much to say about of my favorites of the new cast, a good addition, next character.

Zoey - Another well done character with recollections of Gwen from TDI, I hope she does not end up like other characters because of her current relationship struggle with Anne Maria.

Brick - Very good character....self explanatory, next.

B - My FAVORITE of the new characters. The writers can do SO much with the silent humor and create a strong character out of him.

Now the "Okay" characters that I think could be better, but are certainly on par with people from TDI that gained strength and fans in TDA (arguably the best thing that TDA did) such as Harold or Lindsay.

Dakota - A lot of the fanbase enjoys her....I just think she's okay. She's not a horrible character, but her being Chris and Chef's punching bag is starting to get old. I hope she DOES return here, if even for an episode, and that a relationship happens with her and Sam to help her character grow for me.

Sam - Another okay character. Very geeky and awkward, typical of real life gamer nerds, but not that interesting of a character, again the relationship could help him out.

Jo - Again, she's okay, and I certainly see her growing up to be a soccer mom and pushing her kids to the nth degree. A way to make her stronger would be to certainly continue the shenanigans and/or relationship with Brick.

Anne Maria - Meh, she's only okay. Not being a Jersey Shore fan, I could really care less if she stays or goes. The love triangle is certainly making her more interesting than she initially was.

And these are the characters who I either dislike, or I believe are complete missteps.

Staci - Obviously she was only really in the season to be the first one gone and it shows because of the major annoyance factor and I shudder to imagine her meeting with Katie and Sadie.

Cameron - I dislike Cameron simply because he is one gag.....he's a bubble boy. Now granted one-gag characters HAVE worked in the past (Owen, Duncan, Ezekiel), but they were all funny or characters that were strong competitors. Cameron is neither of these. I have not laughed at him ONCE since the season began, and every other character has at least gotten one chuckle out of me. Granted this may change as the season progresses, but currently I would like him to leave.

Lightning - ......At least Staci was MADE to be annoying. Lightning is just the epitome of arrogance and annoyance. His constant mention of himself in the third person irritates me to no end. And the fact that he has done literally NOTHING so far in the season other than this also ticks me off. All I can say is at least he is a team player otherwise I would just hate him completely.

Scott - Scott is He isn't the worst antagonist (THAT "honor" still belongs to Justin) but he is certainly a bad one. It isn't even like TDI where I hated Heather but still believed she was a very strong character. I hate Scott as a villain AND a character. Trailer park trash is a great way to describe him. It is a shame because he has MAJOR potential! If he were more like Heather and Alejandro and manipulated the other contestants to like him and manipulate the other team to vote off their strong players, I would believe he could be the best antagonist since Heather! But that fact that his plan is so idiotic and the fact that he has done nothing to show to his teammates that he can fake being nice to be more manipulative makes him all the weaker.

Eliminating his whole team is just five kinds of stupid. I see what he is TRYING to do, eliminate his team, be the only one to get to the merge and dominate by luring the other team into a false sense of security but this will certainly not work because the other team won't develop into a false sense of security. Jo certainly will...but that is her character. Mike, Zoey, and Anne Maria are too busy with their love triangle to care about winning at the moment and Cameron is only worried about staying alive at this point.

In nearly every confessional or episode, he is always hit by something or attacked further weakening his character. Granted Heather also had bad things happen to her as well, but she would nearly always get her revenge shortly after until her eventual downfall. Scott......has not. All he does is sit in the confessional, whittle, then make some snide comment about how HE is the best or how HE is going to screw his team over followed by him getting hit with something.

Also, Scott has showed little to no skills outside of whittling. Jo, on the other hand, would certainly be able to hold her own when the merge she, in theory, would win the challenge then talk to her former teammates to vote with her, and eliminate Scott, thereby ruining his weak plan.

What also angers me is the fact that the show TRIES to treat him like a legitimate villain......the fact that he is antisocial and yet his team listens to him on a moments notice with the eliminations of both B and Dawn just shows how weak of an antagonist he is......he is simply still there because the writers NEED him to be there!! And that none of his team question the fact and certainly go along with him ALSO ticks me off to no end.

It is just a shame that he has such potential, but the writers have to get lazy and idiotic with his plan and motivation. And knowing that he will get a high place simply because he is the villain is also a very disappointing fact. All in all I cannot wait to see him get his comeuppance.

All that being said, I DO enjoy TDROTI so far and look forward to the rest of it. Later on, I will be posting up my thoughts about the season as a whole nearing the conclusion of the season.

Thanks for reading! FelixRodriguez 01:31, February 5, 2012 (UTC)

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