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    TDPI Thoughts

    July 19, 2014 by FelixRodriguez

    Hello again everyone! Long time no post...yet again. Pahkitew Island made me catch the Total Drama bug again so I had to watch the series when I had the time. Since it just concluded its US run tonight, I thought I'd give my thoughts on it and the characters.


    Overall I thought the series was a MAJOR step up from the failure of All Stars and probably on par or even better than Revenge of the Island. It felt like someone sprayed a can of air freshener to clear the air after the abomination known as All Stars.

    1. Total Drama Island

    2. Total Drama World Tour

    3. Total Drama Pahkitew Island/Revenge of the Island

    4. Total Drama Action

    5. Total Drama All Stars

    All in all I only fel…

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    Hello to everyone that remembers me and hello to everything that does NOT know me! I am FelixRodriguez, a 20-year-old college student who is involved in many wikis and websites across the internet. Ever since TDWT ended I drifted away from the wiki but now that season 4 is here I am happy to be back!

    But now I would like to give my thoughts on various bits and pieces of the latest season of Total Drama.

    In this post I would like to hi-light the characters, when I first heard that the old cast was being replaced with a new one I was certainly skeptical. I believed that that the writers wouldn't be able to pull off new characters since the old cast had nearly done every old stereotype in the book, but thankfully my fears were put to bed whe…

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