I'm doing my very own Season 5 on this website in the form of blog posts! I will attempt to show the episodes every week. It will include all 38 of the original contestants, as well as 6 new ones, giving this season 44 characters. So, you all know the first 38, so here are the new 6:

Dave - A fan of 80's Rock n' Roll. He wears a lot of black leather and has a bulky figure. Kinda resembles Gene Simmons without the make-up, and plays a red double-neck guitar. He acts cool around people, but acts very self-centered. He's on the island so that he can win 1,000,000 and become localized as a musician.

Vice - A snobby rich boy. He's spent years of his life at private school under the roof of his mansion, so he's never really had time to be social. His parents told him to enter the competition because they wanted him to make some money on his own.

Jerry - A racecar driver (if anyone here gets the reference). He is kind of a nice guy, but also competitive. He's very restless and lives his life in the fast lane. Although competitive, he copes well with loss and doesn't mind coming in 2nd place. However, he doesn't like cheating and will get revenge if he needs to. He's in the competition because he wants to be involved in an epic competition.

Roxanne - A punk-rock girl. She's very serious, hates government, and always wants to do things her way. She doesn't like people very much, in fact, she usually tends to hate them. However, she's got a soft side to her, although she won't admit it. Unlike Duncan, she actually cares for the well-being of the other people, but she wouldn't put her life in danger for anyone. Also, she doesn't really confront people, so she doesn't make a lot of enemies or friends. She's in to prove herself to a group of doubting close ones.

Lola - A very shy girl. She doesn't talk to people a lot, and when she does, she speaks very quietly. She cares for the people that protect her, and doesn't usually exert a lot of physical force. However, she has a scary side to her if she gets pushed.

Carly - The new antagonist. She's a more subtle antagonist, and doesn't usually reveal her schemes in the confessional. Instead, she tends to get people to do things for her, promising she'll do something in return (which she won't), and then gets rid of them for her own sake. She also likes to charm boys into helping her win. Unlike previous antagonists, she's not very hot-headed and tends to cope well with loss by thinking of a plot to get back.

There are 4 teams, each with 11. The teams are The Black Knights, The Red Pirates, The Blue Ninjas, and The Green Sharks. Expect debut shortly.

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