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  • Fedora Lord Para 348


    About 1 year after Lightning's big victory over Cameron in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Chris McLean escaped from jail unbeknownst to the police, and went on to create Total Drama: Enter the Island. He took the 38 contestants which competed in Total Drama Island, Action, World Tour, and Revenge of the Island to a string of islands off the coast of Canada. In addition to the 38, Chris also decided to add 6 new ones... Find out what happens, on TOTAL! DRAMA! ENTER THE ISLAND!!!

    (Cue the theme song, and we're good!)

    (All the 38 who competed in previous Total Drama's are in a plane, being taken to that string of islands. Alejandro, Scott, Ezekiel, and Dakota are in their original forms again)

    Noah: Oh yes! We're…

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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    I'm doing my very own Season 5 on this website in the form of blog posts! I will attempt to show the episodes every week. It will include all 38 of the original contestants, as well as 6 new ones, giving this season 44 characters. So, you all know the first 38, so here are the new 6:

    Dave - A fan of 80's Rock n' Roll. He wears a lot of black leather and has a bulky figure. Kinda resembles Gene Simmons without the make-up, and plays a red double-neck guitar. He acts cool around people, but acts very self-centered. He's on the island so that he can win 1,000,000 and become localized as a musician.

    Vice - A snobby rich boy. He's spent years of his life at private school under the roof of his mansion, so he's never really had time to be …

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