Pros (3): Once again, the increased role of Chef (him getting involved in the challenge, basically taking over for the episode, "we're gonna need more ice cream," etc.); Gwen (her interactions with Cameron and Zoey, both of which were enjoyable, and especially her claustrophobia - her moments of being alone in the cave, her reaction to Zoey's vanishing, and especially her hilarious confessional, all of which were just as hilarious as Owen's aerophobia in TDWT); surprisingly, the intern (who was actually pretty enjoyable in his scenes of fixing the monitors, signing off for the break, etc.); the bits with Chris and Ezekiel;

Cons (3): Alejandro's godplaying (although I enjoyed the bit of back-and-forth between him and Mal in the opening, I found it a little too convenient that he just so happens to walk into the control room, and just so happens to find the get the idea); Courtney and Scott (Seriously? I mean, seriously? After half a dozen episodes teasing it, you finally hook them up...just to break them up by the end of the episode? Even those who don't like this couple have to admit that this was a stupid move, lazy writing, and basically turned a serious relationship/storyline of this season into nothing more than a one-episode gag); the elimination (I mean, OK...yes, I wanted Cameron to go very soon...but he was spared twice. Did they really have to eliminate him through such a stupid technicality? It just wasn't fitting, IMO. For the second time in a row, and the third time out of the last four times, a very unfair elimination)

Main Aspect (Con): The challenge. For one, it was simple. And yes, I like simplicity in the challenges. But a majority of this episode was similar to Up Up and Away; the challenge was just the contestants wandering around in their various little groups. This was the perfect setup for a ton of great interaction and development. But what happened? Mal left Cameron hanging (literally), Scott and Courtney broke up, and Gwen saved Cameron's life. Sounds like a lot, right? Yeah, but all happened in a matter of seconds each. Overall, it felt like a whole lot of time and a small amount of action. Boring and forgettable. A perfect example of when something can be too simple.

Overall, I can sum up this episode with one statement by Chris towards the end of the episode: "Not how I wanted to celebrate the 100th episode." I mean, seriously; there literally could not be a more perfect way of summing it up. Newsflash, everyone: (Ahem)...THIS WAS TOTAL DRAMA'S 100TH EPISODE. And what happened here? A boring, forgettable challenge; another appearance by Feral Zeke (who is STILL Feral Zeke); a couple is formed and breaks up within 10 minutes...this episode, overall, was extremely forgettable. It would be forgivable, though, if it weren't for one thing: THIS WAS TOTAL DRAMA'S 100TH EPISODE. Come ON, writers; you HAVE to have more in mind than this! Even if it were TREMENDOUSLY bad, like, say, Up Up and Away was the worst episode of TDR, at least it'd STILL be memorable. But's just forgettable. Like the season premiere, this episode was supposed to make some sort of impact on us...and failed to do so. Here's my main beef with the episode, and yes, you'll see the old Ezekiel fanboy rear his head here: I was expecting for Ezekiel to return to normal again...somehow. They were teasing it royally. His first major role in the series, arguably, since he was a contestant. The title was NAMED after Zeke. It's Total Drama's 100th episode. Peter Oldring is listed in the credits. If they really wanted to make this episode memorable, then they could've made this the episode where Ezekiel finally returns to normal. It would be the episode that finally put an end to one of the longest, most unnecessary, most drawn-out "gags" in the show's history. Along with the death of the Love Triingle, this would've marked another major milestone, landmark achievement for this season, and in the series' 100th episode...but no. Just another random appearance by Zeke, ended with more ambiguity, undoubtedly foreshadowing ANOTHER appearance...Ugh. ...This was Total Drama's 100th episode...And I don't think we'd even know it.

With 4 Cons and 3 Pros, this episode is a 5/10.

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