Hey, all. So TDAS is drawing to a close, and I'm extraordinarily bored on a Saturday night. So I decided to make this blog to give you all what is essentially a sequel to my previous update blog. So here goes:

1: My Episode Reviews - For those of you who don't know, I've been doing episode reviews ever since the premiere of my all-time favorite season, Total Drama Reloaded. Though there was a significant drop in comments on my reviews for Total Drama All-Stars, I've still enjoyed doing my reviews. But nonetheless, college is a-calling. So my review of the finale, along with my closing thoughts on the season as a whole, will essentially serve as the series finale of Fedora Kid's Episode Reviews.

2: My Predictions - These I've been doing ever since Total Drama World Tour. Similarly to my Episode Reviews, they've been on a gradual decline ever since they first started. My World Tour predictions were scarily accurate (especially the eliminations), and my TDR predictions were average. However, after an abysmal showing in my TDAS predictions, along with, again, the fact that college is a-calling, I've decided that my TDAS predictions will also essentially be the finale of Fedora Kid's Predictions.

3: My (Fictional) Time on the Show - This was easily the most fun for me, for sure. I followed suit with some of the Wiki's greatest users, such as one of my idols Nalyd Renrut, and did my very own version of the show with me as contestant, as far back as Total Drama Island. However, I am similarly growing tired of doing this for every single season, especially with the series dragging on for what will obviously be quite a while. So for those of you who've already read them, I've essentially fast-forwarded and changed the timeline of the series, with Seasons 7 - 10 featuring little to no information, so much so that I won't even have to edit the various episode counts and whatnot because I'm too lazy (>_>). But nonetheless, all that really remains is to fill in the descriptions for Episodes 12 and 13 of Season Five, and then Episode 13 of Season Six. Obviously, these will make My (Fictional) Time the most prolonged and final activity of mine here on the Wiki, as I must wait for the finale of Total Drama Pahkitew Island before it can be truly finished. But otherwise, just as with the other activities, that moment will mark the series finale of Fedora Kid's (Fictional) Time on the Show.

So yeah. That's basically the summary of all my ongoing activities here on the Wiki, and when/how they'll all end. I just want to thank all those who have read and/or commented on my Episode Reviews, my Predictions, and My (Fictional) Time on the Show. The feedback on all of these is really appreciated, and makes all of the time spent on these activities worthwhile.

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