Pros (10): Finally seeing a unification of the Villains team through an interesting - and up until now, nonexistent - team dynamic (that is, the team uniting for a common cause of eliminating Alejandro to avenge Heather - even Gwen); Scott (that pig-calling scene was HILARIOUS); Chef finally having more lines ("That kid ain't right" XD); Cameron (he was actually pretty funny besides being beat up all the time); Duncan (still going through the transition into a nice guy, especially with that pivotal scene with the bird...a nice touch); Jose's debut (a great way to introduce backstory to an otherwise boring character this season); Izzy's cameo (what more needs to be said?); Sierra FINALLY being eliminated; the amazing twist with the elimination (With the Villains voting out a Hero and the Heroes sending a Villain to exile, it created for a very dramatic ceremony, and one where I could totally forgive Chris for manipulating this elimination process); the suggestion by Duncan that Mike could be an alternate personality and Mal is the real deal (I swear, if this turns out to be true, that'd be, like, the greatest twist in TD history)

Cons (5): Alejandro (seriously? He's STILL trying go off this "legs fell asleep" charade? Seriously? And also...still liking Heather and acting like she'll come running to him as soon as he's gone? Are you a complete idiot?); Sierra (those stupid mutant things are making it even worse); the return of Chef's cross-dressing (XP); the Heroes deciding to send Alejandro to Boney Island (it doesn't make any sense. They don't like him, and they view him as a why send him to the one place where he could gain invincibility? There's zero logic behind that); Courtney briefly hating Gwen again after the Duncan/Gwen montage (it makes no sense. She shouldn't care since she and Gwen made amends and she was into Scott by then instead of Duncan. Guess it was the only way for her usual self to rear its ugly head one final time before she finally reformed); a major disappointment in Mal (for the first time, he's in complete control, and what does he do? Nothing. He doesn't even break something...except Izzy, and that was part of the challenge. As much as he's being built up by Duncan, Zoey, and the creators, he still isn't doing ANYTHING)

Main Aspect (Pro): Finally...After three whole seasons...After a heated, violent, polarizing fan war...After the constant heart-breaking and smack-talking that came with it...One of the most drawn-out, most intense, and above all else, most unnecessary conflicts in the show's history finally comes to an end. And I'm not just talking about Courtney vs. Gwen...but The Love Triangle itself. Other than the fight scene between them (which, in and of itself, served as a very fitting and almost perfect climax to the entire story), they finally made amends, forgave each other, forgot the past, and became friends again. They both also completely forgot about Duncan (making fun of him and agreeing to never fight over him again) and shared numerous wonderful moments together, not the least of which was their final truce after their (seemingly) brutal fight. It took up a majority of the series up until this point, and for all of the drama we went through for this story...this was about the most perfect way they could've ended it. THANK. THE. LORD. IT'S. FINALLY. DEAD.

Overall, I would say this was a perfect example of a late-blooming episode. Normally, I'm not a fan of episodes that hold all of their good stuff until the very end, but the stuff this episode had to offer near its end was just SO good...The lateness may keep it from a perfect 10/10, but it sure is close. Sure, it had some good stuff over the course of it, namely the hilarity of certain characters such as Cameron, Scott, and Chef, and fairly meaningful story lines such as Jose vs. Alejandro, Duncan's continued transition into a good guy, and Izzy's cameo. But to me, the true meat of this episode was within the last five minutes. In that short timespan, we have one of the most-hated and most useless characters on the show finally eliminated, in the midst of an awesome, twisted, and dramatic elimination ceremony, and, of course, we have the (HOPEFULLY) final resolution to the dreaded Love Triangle. Duncan has been thoroughly forgotten and left in the dust by both girls, they've become friends again, Courtney's found a new love interest...even Chris was touched by this. R.I.H. Total Drama's Love Triangle. R.I.H.

With 11 Pros and 5 Cons, this episode is an easy 9.5/10.

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