As we all know, it's finally been confirmed, at long last, that Ezekiel is definitely competing in Total Drama World Tour. Putting aside the obvious dilemma with him possibly being eliminated early, there are many possibilities now that our favorite, neglected, outcast homeschooler is finally getting some screen time. Here's all of my ideas on possibilities for our Zeke.


There are several possibilities of which lucky girl will hook up with Zeke, if any. Currently, we're looking at two major options: Bridgette and Izzy.


Scenario: Obviously, Bridgette and Ezekiel will be on the same team (as seen in the trailer and theme song). That right there gives Zeke an advantage. Sure, some may say that Bridgette is already hooked up with Geoff, but who knows? Seeing how she's already going to be easily manipulated by Alejandro, she will probably forget about Geoff easily. And besides, in the reunion special, she was seen to get annoyed with Geoff in some instances. Overall, I think that these are all good reasons for Zeke to have a chance at Bridgette. I mean, if he was willing to hit on her in Haute Camp-ture, with Geoff right next to her, then he'll obviously try it again when she's alone. Beside, Bridgette, of all people, is not one to hold a grudge against anyone, like Courtney, Eva, or Heather would. And Zeke's already been accepted by Katie, Sadie, Beth, and Lindsay, the latter of whom will apparently be Bridgette's friend for this season. So who knows?


There's obviously not nearly as much support for this one as there is with the above, but there is the possibility that they will at least become friends, after seeing this:



Seeing that Ezekiel and Harold have already been friends before, there is a chance now for even more interaction between the two, seeing that they're also on the same team together. The same with Zeke and Lindsay. And, seeing that Harold is friends with Zeke, maybe LeShawna could grow to like him as well, as long as Harold considers him alright. DJ, already a former Killer Bass] member and a friendly, easy-going personality, could become friends with Zeke as well (if he's not eliminated early). Then, beyond just Zeke's team, there's the possibility that Owen could become friends with Zeke, since Izzy could apparently like him. And if Tyler is friends with Owen, then he could become friends with Zeke, too. And, of course, if Bridgette and Ezekiel don't hook up, then maybe they could at least be friends.


Obviously, he could still have rivalries with characters such as Courtney or Heather (if they ever have any interaction). Alejandro could also become an enemy, since he'll likely be an enemy of everybody once they learn his true colors. I could also imagine Zeke and Duncan going at it on more than one occasion, but that probably won't last long due to Duncan being the first voted off.


I imagine that Sierra, Cody, Gwen, and Noah will all be the ones who have little interaction with Zeke over the course of the season. In addition, I think TDWT could be a great chance for Zeke to use his multi-lingual skills (as his TDI Interactive Bio states that he speaks eight different languages). That would prove especially helpful in the grand scheme of things, considering how interaction with locals is inevitable, and communication skills will thus be very necessary. A thought even comes to mind: Seeing how Team Amazon is apparently captured by natives in the Amazon River episodes, like so...

Amazon zing goddess heather

...then maybe the same thing happens to the team that Ezekiel is on. And maybe, at the last moment, when they're about to be sacrificed or something, Zeke could end up speaking in the natives' tongue, and eventually saving the team's lives. And then he'd become a hero. That would be awesome.

And, on a more comical note, I could totally picture Zeke in both the Yukon and German Alps episodes...

...and, while all the other contestants are freezing their butts off, Zeke, in his already-heavy clothing (sweater, toque, thick jeans, and so on), is standing there like, "Eh, I'm used to it." If that actually does happen, then I'd lol!

So, that's my basic overview of just some of the possibilities. Any thoughts or other additional possibilities, feel free to leave them.

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