Countdown to 10,000 2.0 – AKA Mainspace Race: Behind the Scenes

You all know the drill. I did two successful “Behind-The-Scenes” blogs for Seasons 4 and 6 of Countdown to 10,000 (which this SUSPICIOUSLY resembles), so I figured – eh, why not? I’ll do it here, too. But I will warn you: I’m a bit lazier and not as motivated to write this essay-style like my last two, so this may be a CRAZILY convoluted mess from time to time. Sorry for any future confusion.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race

Special thanks to our two VERY KIND, CARING, and COMPASSIONATE hosts:

CD-TDA, or “CD.” - The Countdown double-champ-turned-cynical-host

TotalDramaFan1000, or “TDF.” - The cohost who has trouble getting people to read his predictions

And an honorable mention/thanks to the stars of this season:

TotalDramaNaruto, or “TDN.” - The loyal right-hand man

Kgman04, or “KG.” - The general with a dark secret

Sunsummer7, or “Sun.” - The good friend

Mygeto - The quiet powerhouse

GODuncan, or “GD.” - The underdog with heart

BarBar, or “Bar.” - The main antagonist

BatmanTDI, or “Batman.” - The traitor

Codyfan12, or “Codyfan.” - The alliance reject

TDA15 - The under-the-radar rival

Stryzzar, or “Stry.” - The editing machine

Jaxswim, or “Jax.” - The guy who can't catch a break

Breakingmikey or “Mikey.” - The editing machine 1.0

Numbuhthreefan, or “N3.” - The girl with spirit


Iml908, or “Iml.”

EpicLuna, or “Luna.”

TdiAlex, or “Alex.”

LandryC, or “Landry.”


TDIFan13, or “Ryan.”


Bigez620, or “Bigez.”


Upon my announcement of signing up for this game, I KNEW I had to make an alliance. Scrolling through the other potential contestants’ applications, I saw a LOT of possible allies. I compiled my own list, in order: Sunsummer7, TotalDramaNaruto, Jaxswim, Kgman04, Mygeto, and Codyfan12. Thus, I approached them all in this order. By the time the teams were announced, I had successfully convinced the first four to join my alliance, with Mygeto saying he’d wait until after it started to think about it.

Team Announcements

Upon the official unveiling of the teams on July 31, I am overjoyed to find that my team, Team Monster Uploaders, consists of an alliance majority – myself, KG, and TDN, all on this team, alongside Numbuhthreefan (N3), and GODuncan. Codyfan is on the Team Blog Hoggers. Jax and Sun are on the Predator Editors. And Mygeto is on the Gliding Sliders. Shortly before the teams are announced, Sun informs me that he can possibly recruit Stryzzar, who is predicted to be a major threat by both KG and the host, CD-TDA. Initially, talks with Stry prove that he has also been approached by an anonymous individual for an alliance, proving that our rivals are already on the move. Just before the game officially begins, I finally get in contact with Codyfan12, only to find that he is not interested in alliances at all – strictly editing. Thus, at the dawn of the competition, we are left with our core five: Myself, Sun, TDN, Jax, and KG, with Mygeto still undecided and Stry still a tossup. However, several disputes between rivals TDIFan13 (Ryan) and TDN in the IRC eventually force Ryan to reveal that he already knows of our alliance, proving that we have an informer among us. Since the alliance at the time of the revelation consisted only of myself, Sun, Jax, and TDN, it must be one of those four. It is obviously not me, and obviously not TDN since he was part of the display, so right off the bat, Jax and Sun are the top two suspects as the traitor. However, Ryan also declares that he knows about our attempts at recruiting Stry, thus seemingly confirming SUN to be the traitor instead of Jax. But since Sun still doesn’t know, and instead knows of our suspicions of Jax, I decide to lead Sun on and tell him that the alliance has “broken up,” with TDN leaving and Mygeto declining. I then decide to take up BarBar on a previous offer to make a one-on-one alliance where we share information and possibly votes. At the same time, I decide to inform Sun about this deal with BarBar, without actually letting BarBar into the fake alliance.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 1

Quickly getting the editing into gear, I also proceed to tell Sun about the “breakup” of the alliance, which Sun easily buys, after I get confirmation from Ryan himself that Sun is, in fact, on his side. Meanwhile, as I rally the team to make more edits when we start falling behind, GODuncan actually approaches ME for an alliance. In the process, he tells me that Ryan is actively gunning for me, and Ryan actually told GD that TDN and I were in an alliance that was gunning for HIM (GD). However, I quickly turn this around by motivating GD, telling him that Ryan is preying on him as a “weak” player, appealing to his “bottom-of-the-totem-pole” status, and trying to get him to turn on his teammates. This only motivates GD to work harder to prove Ryan wrong, and survive to the merge to get Ryan eliminated. Later on, as I try to rally the team to do better when we fall into last place, N3 similarly approaches me for a one-on-one alliance, thus essentially resulting in me being aligned with everyone on my team as we pull well into second place. I later approach Sun on the last night of Week 1, asking Sun to make at least the 19 edits necessary to surpass Ryan so that Sun will be immune when their team loses (as they were in last at the time). However, in doing so, Sun manages to pull the Editors ahead of the Sliders by 12 edits, with the Sliders coming in last place just as TDF predicted. However, due to a strange twist of events, Ryan ends up quitting, along with Bigez. Thus, our primary goal is achieved in the first week.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 2

After Jax returns from his vacation, I approach him about continuing the (unbeknownst to him) “fake” alliance with myself and Sunsummer. I take care to inform him about the “traitor” factor as well as the “fact” that TDN left the alliance, telling Jax that Sun thought it was him, and thus resulting in him believing it to be Sun. However, with Ryan gone, I told him that the slate was clean and the “traitor” thing didn’t matter anymore. I even make him agree to vote off Iml if they lose again (provided he’s not immune). However, such is the case and the Editors must vote someone off for the first time. In an unprecedented turn of events, Jax is unable to vote to save himself, and he is eliminated.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 3

Our team once again begins to fall behind, and I encourage everyone to pick up the pace, as losing to the currently-decimated Editors would be an embarrassment unlike any other. Finally, the day before the end of Week 3, I am able to talk to Mygeto in the IRC and ask him if he’s made his decision on the alliance, informing him that it’d be him, me, TDN, and KG. He agrees, and I accept him, reminding him that, even if the 5 former members of the Uploaders form their own post-merge alliance, Mygeto will still be part of the core alliance of us four guys. TDN and KG both react happily to the news, with the latter being confident that we will control the game. Later on, despite our team picking up the pace, we still finish in third, only ahead of the decimated Predator Editors, who vote off Landry.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 4

With the shocking revelation of the mere 24-hour period that is “Week” 4, as well as the dispersal of Iml and Sun to two different teams (Iml going to Team 2/the Hoggers and Sun coming to our team), KG and I begin editing like mad to avoid last place. However, just as things are looking up for the perfect arrangement of our team and alliances, and in the midst of our editing storm, Sun suddenly drops a bomb on us: He plans on quitting for reasons unknown. However, we manage to successfully convince him to stay and make edits for us, just to see if he is still capable of doing so. We are also blessed by the fact that our team is given the Episodes category at long last, allowing myself and KG to go to work on the TDPI pages. At the same time, KG acts as the sole contributor of team name suggestions, due to his brilliance with word play. As the situation looks grim for our team, we inevitably begin to plan out our elimination order. TDN and KG agree with me that N3 would actually be the best candidate for the first boot, as she consistently makes the lowest amount of edits, whereas myself, KG, TDN, and Sun have been proven powerhouses, while GD has proven he has spirit and can still make more pinnacle edits in a weekly period than N3. Thus, we all quickly agree and inform everyone except for, obviously, N3, whom we tell that we will vote off GD. However, despite the grim outlook, we eventually manage to turn the tides right around and claim first…up until a stupid decision by co-host TotalDramaFan1000 results in Team 1 – formerly known as the Sliders – getting a 30 edit bonus due to picking the worst team name by far. However, we still manage to claim a solid second going into Week 5, while Team 2 votes off Alex.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 5

Much to everyone’s shock, Jax returns to the game, bringing back the one former member of the alliance who had been eliminated up to that point. Meanwhile, another, much graver twist is revealed: BOTH of the lowest performing teams will send one person home. With Mygeto and Mikey becoming more powerful on Team Stupid Name, we prepare for the worst once more. I reiterate to most of my teammates the fake plan to vote off GD, so that N3 lets her guard down, when the inevitable elimination comes along. However, despite all odds and after an amazing performance from yours truly, we manage to pull into a solid first and become the only team to not lose a member that week. However, although one of our primary targets, TDA15, is initially on the chopping block, I am shocked to see none other than TDN coming to his defense, insisting that they vote off EpicLuna instead. Thus, I become extremely cautious about TDN’s loyalty…or possible lack thereof. However, KG manages to convince me that TDN wasn’t doing it out of disloyalty, but instead simply helping out a friend and also making an argument for fairness. Thus, with KG’s encouragement, I regain trust in TDN.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 6

I head into Week 6 with great apprehension, as this is the week where I go on a brief two-day trip, mostly internet-less, and don’t return until after the elimination. I churn out 50 edits on the first day, when we seemingly have the lead, then a final 20 when it becomes evident that we’re falling far behind. Before I finish my final 20 edits, I inform TDF in the IRC that, should we lose and should I not be there, I cast my vote for N3. Later, my fears are confirmed and we finally lose, with myself taking immunity. An even bigger loss of trust emerges when, although TDN, Sun, and myself vote for N3, N3 is revealed to not be the only one voting for Sun (who made 0 edits): GODuncan, directly against my orders to vote for N3, casts his vote for Sun. However, due to KG being unable to vote, the 3 votes for N3 ultimately succeed in eliminating her over Sun.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 7

After reprimanding GD for going against my orders, he promises to make more edits than ever before. Although I initially don’t take him seriously, he winds up making 71 edits – his highest ever. And that is only the beginning. In the craziest turn of events yet, we end up coming in second behind the Maniacs by only TWO edits…with GD being the week’s top editor, and with BatmanTDI immune on the losing team, Team Stupid Name. Thus, the team with the terrible name sends home none other than Breakingmikey, our alliance’s other primary target, and thus accomplishing the second of our two major goals before the merge even hits.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 8

With Week 7 featuring a 24-hour period, a victory of only two more edits, GD being the top editor of the week, BatmanTDI being immune on a team with Mikey and Mygeto, Mikey being eliminated, and Mygeto attempting to quit…we thought it couldn’t be surpassed. But then CD and TDF drop the bomb on us that for the next week, categories are eliminated and the remaining 12 contestants are divided up into 6 pairs. The only pair that does not feature someone who is aligned with me in any way, shape, or form whatsoever is Team 6, with TDA15 and Codyfan. I, meanwhile, am paired up with Sunsummer, who initially makes zero edits. On top of that, my Internet begins moving very slowly due to an Internet package switch, as I frantically try to make edits to keep our pair above water, often neck-and-neck with Team 3 (consisting of Stry and Jax.). However, by the dawn of the final day, Team 3 pulls far ahead of us with Stry’s usual brand of powerhouse editing, while Team 6 begins to gradually catch up with us. With an hour left to go, Sun and I churn out some more edits just as TDA15 begins to pick up the pace, while Stry suddenly falls behind and Jax remains absent. In one of the closest margins ever between three teams, Team 3 – Stry and Jax – is eliminated.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 9

At long last, the merge is upon us. I quickly approach KG, Mygeto, Sun, and Bar to discuss the post-merge plans. My overall plan goes like so: At the time of the merged group/final ten, our alliance in totality has a 7/10 majority. The core alliance of myself, KG, TDN, and Mygeto; the “former team alliance” with Sun and GD; and then BarBar in a one-on-one alliance. Our initial plan is to take out TDA15 first, followed by Codyfan, then Batman to eliminate all of the completely out-of-the-loop people. However, as I tell KG, Mygeto, and BarBar about the plan to get rid of TDA15 first, TDA15 approaches me with an offer to take out KG, saying he’s already assembled a group to do so. He even goes so far as to tell me that even IF Mygeto and KG were both vulnerable, he’d want KG out first. Meanwhile, Mygeto tells me that BarBar told TDA15 that I was gunning for him (TDA15). So with this suspicion on the line, our majority might be in danger. All I have secured for sure is the core alliance of myself, KG, TDN, Mygeto, and Sunsummer, which is only half of the votes. Thus, I work on getting GD involved in the plan, to which he informs me (as BarBar told me) that he is good friends with Batman and wants to bring him into the alliance. After getting approval from KG and Mygeto, I tell GD to do so, and inform him that they both are to vote for TDA15, with the promise that both will be highly rewarded for doing so. The next day, I enter the IRC on my lunch break to find Batman himself already there, and I quickly approach him myself. I tell him that TDA15’s alliance includes Mygeto, and possibly Codyfan and BarBar, and that Batman must join with the former Gurus in order to stop them. He enthusiastically agrees, thus raising our possible influence in the post-merge group up to eight votes. Meanwhile, BarBar persists on taking out KG first, finally revealing to me that he has a supposed alliance with Codyfan and Batman. I use this to turn the table on him and present the following hypothetical scenario: If we successfully take out TDA15, KG, and Mygeto, in any particular order, then the final seven will be split into two three-member alliances (Bar, Codyfan, and Batman vs. TDN, Sun, and GD), with myself as the swing vote. Thus, I force BarBar to agree to vote with me this once, against TDA15, or risk me swinging over to the other side against him in the future. Later that night, BarBar finally breaks and agrees to vote for TDA15 the next day…even offering to tell Codyfan of the same plan. Thus, just like that, our alliance secures EVERY SINGLE VOTE against TDA15, in the best-case scenario. The day of the elimination, less than an hour beforehand, TDA15 confronts me at long last about my efforts to get rid of him. However, when I fire back at his own attempts to oust me, he claims it to be a lie. When it finally comes down to the elimination, in the fastest vote yet, six quick votes from myself, KG, Mygeto, BarBar, GODuncan, and Batman all send TDA15 packing.

User blog:CD-TDA/Mainspace Race - Week 10

Not too long after the 10th week, I already have a legitimate reason for reneging on my promise to BarBar to take out TDN or KG next – Codyfan, who initially said he’d vote with us on TDA15, voted for Mygeto instead. Thus, I persist to BarBar and others that Codyfan must be our next target. In the meantime, I even come up with a clever way of getting around the fact that Mygeto voted with us. While I tell the other allies (Sun and GD) that Mygeto isn’t aligned with us, I point out that he might be “on the same page” as the rest of us, and thus, I shall approach him as an ally, with caution. However, with Batman drawn into the fray, it doesn’t take long for BarBar to suddenly suspect me and directly accuse me of targeting him. I find evidence that it was, in fact, Batman who told BarBar that he is coming up on our list after Codyfan, but GD remains persistent that Batman can still be loyal to us. GD even goes so far as to show us quotes from his PM conversations with both Batman (discussing their loyalty to me) and BarBar (trying to convince GD that I’m evil). Thus, with the assured loyalty of the core alliance, Sun, GD, and possibly Batman, we lay out our plan of action for the next week (and possibly next two weeks): Vote off BarBar in Week 10, and if he’s immune, vote off Codyfan. Otherwise, eliminate BarBar this week, then Codyfan next week. BarBar then suddenly enters our alliance room and discovers all of us (Myself, KG, Sun, GD, and Batman), and finally knows. When I finally pull up the quotes that reveal that Batman was the traitor (a quote I said to him in PM being used by BarBar in his PM to me), GODuncan acknowledges him as a traitor and agrees to kick him out of the alliance. Thus, with myself, KG, Sun, GD, and TDN (with the unknown ally of Mygeto), we still retain a solid majority despite the attempted uprising. I eventually inform Mygeto and TDN of the plan on later days right before the elimination. Come the end of the week, KG claims immunity once more, and we put our plan in motion to boot BarBar. BarBar and Batman quickly vote for me, while I vote for BarBar. After some suspicious reluctance from Sun, Sun ultimately sticks with me and votes for BarBar. GD also votes for BarBar, but then confronts me with fake quotes from Codyfan and BarBar claiming that I wanted to vote off GODuncan. I repeatedly insist that this is a lie, and try my best to convince him to stay on our side. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until—

*The manuscript abruptly ends here*

The horror. …The horror.

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