Greetings to all. First. I would like to say sorry for my english. Not my first language.

I only realized now that Gwen is not a nice character! I don't know why people keeps saying she is nice because she is very mean and harsh to mostly everyone. In the first season, she insulted all the campers except Bridgette, Cody, Owen, Leshawna and DJ. All of them, she called names! She also had good and positive interactions with people she called names! I mean...that is just not nice at all! So, that's why I do not understand why people called her one of the nicest. I have found the list of all the names she called the others:

"Gwen describes the following campers as:"

  1. Heather: Backstabbing and manipulative
  2. Trent: Two-timing
  3. Justin: Fame-hungry
  4. Lindsay: Dim-witted
  5. Izzy: Certifiably insane
  6. Harold and Beth: Really weird
  7. Duncan: Psychotic
  8. Ezekiel: Rednecked
  9. Eva: Overbearing
  10. Courtney: Goody-Goody
  11. Noah: Know-it-all
  12. Geoff: Party-obsessed

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