Hey there everyone; I have been doing some research of the popularity of some of the contestants on the series. Now, most have said that Duncan is the most popluar character. Some say it is Courtney. Some even say it is Owen. Well, I would just like to say... all of those ideas are wrong.

What am I going at, here? I beleive that each character has, well, a special thing about popularity. Each and every one of them.

Let me start with the alleged most popular characters, Owen, Duncan, and Courtney. While each of them has a veyr large amount of fans, especially with some users here. I, myself am a huge fan of her, as well. Although, some other users despise her.

I have also noticed that I have been seing this template on a lot of user's pages lately:

Now for Duncan; he is by far one of the most popular charcaters. I said one of, not the. There is also the small handfull of users who hate him, as well, such as these users. I like him, too; though he is not the most popular characters, because he still has a handfull of haters, like Courtney.

I have also seen this on a few user's profiles, as well:

Next we have Owen. He was, by far one of the most popular characters, even still today to some users, however, there is, like I said for Duncan and Courtney, a lot of haters of that character. Many fans have described him as "fat, annoying, weirdo who isn't funny". In fact, his popularit has dropped a lot since Total Drama Action.

I have been seeing this a lot ever since then, and this is probably one of the most seen "Hater" userboxes:

No, I am not done. Where am I going? I still have to say who the real most popular character is. Now, this may or may not shock you all.

I noticed that on every person who lists the characters in least to favorite, when Lindsay is listed, she is amongst their favorites - in fact, she has never been listed as higher than nine. That's right; Lindsay has only single digits as her popularity. I have not seen one user who doesn't like her.

I have also been seeing this at quite a lot of times on user profiles:

Lindsay This user is a fan of Dumb Princess Lindsay and her tendency to forget... everything.

My point? Everyone says that Owen, Duncan, and Coutney are the most popular characters; and if you read this blog, then you would know what I am talking about. My point is, Lindsay is the most popular character, and Duncan, Owen, and Courtney are not. I will admit, I like Courtney and Duncan, though they are not the most popular characters out there. It is just a fact. Nothing more, nothing less.

Your thoughts? -- Fan7 "How come the net is so stupidly high?" Talk to me! 15:51, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

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