• Ezekielsawesome

    1. Duncan (Egypt, Walk Like And Egyptian Part 1)

    2. Ezekiel (The Nile River, Walk Like And Egypitian Part 2)

    3. Harold (Tokyo, Super Happy Crazy Fun time In Japan)

    4. Bridgette (The Yukon, Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better)

    Reward (New York City, New York)

    5. LeShawna (The German Alps, Slap Slap Revoluton)


    Reward (The Amazon Jungle, Am-AH-zon Race)

    Reward (Paris, Norval Paris)
    Duncan Returns In Roma And Joins Team Amazon, Zeke returns too and joins his former team.

    6. Izzy (Roma, Duncan, Rome, And Good) The lobster place is and aftermath

    7. Courtney (Austrailia, Friends In Austrailia)

    8. Owen (Niagra Falls)

    Teams Merge

    9. Duncan (Peru)

    Reward (Greece)

    10. DJ (Jamacia)

    11. Gwen (St. John's)

    Reward (Tunzai)

    12. Sierra (France)

    13. Alejandro (Sweden) …

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