Okay so I was super hyped up for this season wanting to see how the 1 and 2 gen casts would interact with one another. They had some pretty good choices for the cast: Alejandro, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Mike, Cameron, Scott, Zoey, Lindsay, Sierra, and finally although I don't know why but Sam as well.

The Heroes:

Lindsay: I never had any issues with her and did find her very comedic at times. Her "Tyler's never coming back" bit and the times she referred Tyler as someone else. I was hoping she would do well in this season but alas she was the elimination fodder. This time around they dumbed her down as to not knowing how to push... I know that she is forgetful at times but really now? So I was sad that she was eliminated early on.

Mike: I liked his personalities much moreso than Mike himself. I was expecting them to return in which they did. For the first half they didn't show up much of course later in the season we get the whole teaming up in his mind in which somehow the audience can see how he beats Mal with that awful reset button scene. For the audience in Total Drama how is anyone supposed to know how Mal was beaten? Regardless, this time around it was more of Mal appearing and wrecking havoc. While I did humor the idea of what the creators were attempting to do with Mal it just seemed half-a&%#d. He also was one-dimensional with pretty much no backstory save for the juvie part that Duncan told us about. That and the rest of the characters were dumbed down for Mal to get ahead, that and what did Mal really do? Break things, eliminate Alejandro, and indirectly eliminated Courtney. Nothing else to add to his character.

Zoey: Well most people find her bland, I do too, she practically won the challenges ep 10-12 (13 if you recieved the ending with zoey winning) with no reason other than for her to make it to the final 2 because the creators wanted to make Zoey their pet. Bleh. Anyways she has all of these skills coming out of nowhere, at least with Alejandro it's explained, she just seemed to godplay her way through to the finale. Zoey just seemed rather naive this season seeing as how multiple people were on to the idea that Mike was not Mike at some point in time; she discovers it after having not only several people warn her about Mike but until she see's some actual incriminating evidence from the disk Alejandro hid. Just seems a bit ridculous, anyways I don't have anything personal against zoey I just do find her bland. I don't hate her though.

Sam: Honestly a very forgettable character I don't even know why they chose Sam to compete again. He didn't have much going for him the first time around, so I don't see the reasoning behind that choice.

Cameron: Eh well he's okay. I'm not sure how much farther he would have made it had he recieved no injuries on the 100th episode. Other than that I didn't expect much of this time around as he had already won a season.

Sierra: I was impartial to. Her story with Cameron was interesting and how she pictured him to be Camcody but other than that I have nothing else to really say about her other than she didn't bother me as much as this time around as in season 3.

Courtney (Initially): Honestly I was confused by her placement on the heroes team. They did of course rectify it by placing her back on the villains team but still. With everything she has done in seasons past I don't know why they considered her initially as a hero. Regardless I personally never liked courtney, in TDI she was fine had no problem with her then TDA happened.... TDWT came about and her portrayal was much better for her character that is until the love triangle but enough about that. Her performance in TDAS well wasn't disappointing at first. But then out of nowhere she falls for Scott. When did this happen? Honestly her relationship with Scott made absolutely no sense to me. Then Sundae Muddy Sundae up until this point I wasn't particularly concerned with how far she got but then the list came about and the revival of TDA courtney. I was utmost disappointed by this with her arc trying to be friends with Gwen in attempt to rekindle a friendship now was just destroyed and for what reason? Seems just a waste of writing to develop a friendship to destroy it the next episode.

The Villains:

Gwen: Like and unlike courtney, I was confused by her placement on the Villains team, however, she was always one of my personal favorites up until this season at least. I mean for such a villain all she tried to do was get the group to work together like Scott said "a hero wannabe..." And frankly she was considered a villain for doing what? Kissing Duncan... what happened to her story about beating the dreaded heather back in TDI? How is this not factored into her placement on the teams? I mean she was one of the main protagonists in TDI but whatever. On to her part in this season, well I was glad she finally made the merge after so long. But honestly she was just all around just mopey for the first half, I can understand that she is sad about her destroyed friendship with courtney in which she wants to rekindle that, and she does so at the expense of Duncan who was her friend since TDA but I digress. She does all of these "villainous" acts to Courtney which most of them are accidents something courtney does not realize that CAN happen. But anyways she then breaks up with Duncan because she notices that Duncan is attempting to recapture Courtney's attention. From the beginning it was very noticeable that Gwen was very unsatisfied with her relationship with duncan the scene just seemed so rushed. So she discards a friend in which she has so many similarities with for a person that absolutely hates her.... I got nothing for that. Then the friendship does get revived and then destroyed shortly afterwards so what was the whole point of Gwen feeling all mopey about wanting to be friends again when she doesn't even trust courtney by the time she is eliminated? Again with the trading friend for a friend except now she feels no remorse over courtney leaving great build up for nothing.

Lightning: I'll make this one short as I've vented about others for quite some length. Honestly he was just egotistical arrogant hot head that got the boot early as he was an elimination fodder. As annoying as he is he didn't really bother me much this season.

Jo: Another elimination fodder, but still she was still in character for the time she did spend during this season. Her interaction with Heather was humorous and was one of the better things during this season. Other than that not much to say.

Scott: I found him rather funny this season but I kinda also feel bad because that's pretty much what he did this season be the slapstick for comical reasons. That and I was kinda hoping for Scott to be mischeivous back in ROTI, instead he starts falling for Courtney. While I'm not opposed to this move it just comes from left field out of nowhere. I mean we saw Scott he likes to take control of the situation but Courtney must always be dominant. So Scott now likes to be controlled by Courtney? To me it feels sorta of backwards personality development. That and with Scott being in the middle of all the other antagonists they didn't give much villainy to him except in Evil Dread in which he attempts to hide one of the heroe's pieces. I can't even remember what other villainous acts he performed since most of his focus now was on courtney.

Duncan: Might as well get him out of the way I do have a lot to say though so bear with me here. One of the biggest screen hoggers if not biggest screen hogger of TD(the only other contestant I could think of that beats him at screen time is heather but I enjoy watching her compete). I actually liked Duncan because of his lone wolf act and his strategy in TDI and TDA initially. I will admit though his appearance in TDWT just made him unnecessary. The drama he brought that and with being in the final 5 for 3 seasons now he just took up space which could have been better spent on time for developing other characters. In TDAS this is the season in which I actually don't like Duncan others may find him not as annoying this season but this is my review. Now it is quite clear that he doesn't know gwen, when they break up he shows no remorse none! I was disappointed with what they did with Duncan but I knew that the reason they did this was because they wanted to appease many of the fans and quell the flames of hate with Gwuncan. Now that's not to say that Duncan's hate from other fans is unwarranted but still Duncan did have his karma coming back for many seasons and his retribution is rather soft compared to the likes of what scott and alejandro recieved. I do however not like the whole badboy turning soft plot they had going for 2 reasons first) that's what I liked from TDI and TDA rather sides with backwards character development. Second) his sterotype is the Juvenile Delinquent.... so they are pretty much erasing what he was based off of. But Karma so I understand so his final act was to prove he is still just as bad. Well the only possible way they could redeem him is to not have show up for the next 8 seasons or so just for other contestants to get a chance. So my final conclusion on duncan is that he was got what was coming to him..

Heather: Admittedly this time she takes a back seat this season, what I admit is that I'm not sure if that was the best move to make seeing as now most people like her now. Out of the bad writing this season she managed to make it through perhaps unscathed. I loved her moments with her rivalery with Jo and Alejandro. As for development she seems pretty much the most developed out of all the characters and they still continue her with the AleHeather for the Finale (more on that in my other blog).

Alejandro: I'll flat out say this in TDWT I didn't like him as I thought he would be nowhere near as good as Heather. After several rewatches though I came to realize that Alejandro is perhaps my favorite villain if not character. After Heather got the boot though there was not much going for him I mean he won a single challenge and thereafter was quickly eliminated. He was one of the only characters I rooted for this season but it was blatantly obvious when he would be eliminated I didn't even have to watch the episode. Other than that he did get dumbed down so to speak as Mal's manipulation, what Al calls impressive, isn't. His conflict with Mal was interesting but Alejandro was arrogant this season as he chose to forego an alliance with anyone which was also his downfall and he also recieved very minor out of character moments.

That's my competitor blog to show the readers my view of the All Star cast and my opinions of some of the characters throughout the season.

Well thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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