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    April 23, 2014 by Exusia

    Okay so Total Drama Community I just thought I would point this out. Many of the users here have been with Total Drama since the beginning others maybe just last season. I would like to point out though that perhaps some people were disappointed with TDAS for many reasons: sloppy writing, execution...etc. But I'm not going to beat on that dead horse. Perhaps one thing that REALLY disappointed some of the community is that this was the most hyped up season to date (correct if I'm wrong). TDAS had huge expectations to be like its preceding season most notably TDI or TDWT, a good balance between drama yet at the same time that we could connect with the characters and really root for them. Then it premiered and shortly ended after that; the ge…

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  • Exusia

    Okay so I was super hyped up for this season wanting to see how the 1 and 2 gen casts would interact with one another. They had some pretty good choices for the cast: Alejandro, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Mike, Cameron, Scott, Zoey, Lindsay, Sierra, and finally although I don't know why but Sam as well.

    The Heroes:

    Lindsay: I never had any issues with her and did find her very comedic at times. Her "Tyler's never coming back" bit and the times she referred Tyler as someone else. I was hoping she would do well in this season but alas she was the elimination fodder. This time around they dumbed her down as to not knowing how to push... I know that she is forgetful at times but really now? So I was sad that she was eliminat…

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