Well, these are my personal opinions on the original cast of TD. This will include Alejandro and Sierra since they showed up before they had the actual new cast, TDRI. Criticize me or agree whatever, this is how see these characters.(This will be broken up since I don't have a ton of time..)

Owen: Good: Okay, this dude was sooo fun! I really can't see a downside to him. He was so upbeat and friendly to everyone it is no surprise that he won the first season! Then he had a somewhat relationship with Izzy that just made him even more fun! He is the most featured character of the original cast and I don't see anyone who can hate him. Happy all the time and just his overall character is fun. I see nothing wrong with him.

Geoff: Good: Well..he is okay. He isn't evil and he isn't fantastic. He was used season one because of Bridgette and she was used because of him. Then they were taken away from TDA for an aftershow, which I kinda don't get. He did bring out Gwen's fun side and brought energy to the cast. He really never was sad, except when Bridgette left. So, I see him as being a basic party dude who was there for a relationship

Heather:Bad: She was the first villian of the show and did a very good job of it. She 

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