Okay..This is like something that someone should've realized. Yes, I like, scratch that, LOVE the idea of "evil Mike" but do it in a better way. Mal did hardly anything and what background did they give to him? He showed up a few years ago(or whenever) and Duncan sees him in juvie. Wow..really good background. At least a f***ing flashback! Also, what did he do throughout the season. Literally, his first line was about how he is going to take them all down. did he? He got rid of Alejandro directly and that's it. He tried with Cam once! He even said that he hated Zoey and yet does nothing to get rid of her! He did hardly any mayham to the teams and the players. Ooo, breaking stuff. Real devious. True, a good way to introduce him, but build it up to where every little thing harms something or someone! But, they don't. He made alliances that hardly lasted a few episodes and what advantage did they give him? One person for one episode? Stupid! Look at the others! Make an alliance to last as long as possible till you don't need them anymore! He didn't do that! But, it is pretty cool that he did it on his own most of the time. Never mind that. Then comes his demise...TERRIBLE! He falls in the water with Zoey and then comes into Mike/his subconsious and nothing! Mike deflects him once and then he begins to fade? BORING! Show some drama and fighting! Last season, Mike stood up against them and it at least was better with the fighting and the hint of Mal. But, seriously, he just disappears. Lame. They should have done a scene with him falling into his subconsious where Mike, Chester, Svetlana,Vito, and Manitoba Smith are waiting. Some words are exchanged and they leap onto Mal fighting him. Large fight scene and he's gone, back into his subconsious or gone forever. Mike keeps his key trait and everyone wins. But, they leave him like that? Next, what part did Mal truly have in the series? He caused some mischeif here and there, but nothing truly significant. Ok, so he did play a part in trying to harm Cameron, but that's it. He broke some stuff, scared people, and one eliminating of a character. Not truly a good main antagonist. He did so little right! Heather, Justin, Alejandro, even Scott did something significant! Heather messed with people and made allies, Justin made allies and blackmailed people(Gwen), Alejandro blackmailed and tricked people, and Scott threw challenges and even blackmailed Mike! So, what key aspect did Mal have? Being apart of Mike doesn't really count! They could've gone a long way with him! Do everything the others did! Blackmail and trick! Make a lot of allies and throw a challenge or two to get rid of some player! Did Mal do enough to become the main anatagonist? In my eyes, no! If he's bad enough to go to juvie then show it! Blow up stuff or cause mischeif and don't give up after one try! Mal didn't even try with Cam again! They don't even tell how he got into juvie! Now, don't get me wrong. Mal is awesome! I loved the idea and everytime he showed up it was awesome! But, so much potential is there and the writers didn't use it. If there is anyway to revive him, bring Mike back and have Mal somehow come back and mess up the entire season for everyone again. But, he's cured so they killed the chance. In conclusion. Mal is awesome. He had the intrigue that gave me a huge interest in it. He strained Mike and Zoey's relationship, which was dramatic. But, they didn't use him right nor did they get rid of him properly. Look at the damage he caused to the other personas and did they have a chance to cause him any pain. No...So, they messed up a lot. They gave him the name "Malevolent one" for a reason, so use it. 

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