Well, here is some of the things I see wrong or right in the fifth season of TD. I have to admit that the only true reason(s) why I like this is because of the introducing of Mike's darker side(Mal) and the closing of any unclosed(?) situations. Though, I hated how Mal was used. Here's how to split TDAS into the goods and bads of the season..


  • Zoey..I know it sounds odd but it is sooo stupid of them to make her seem complete and utterly, though this seems like an exageration, dumber than Lindsey. Okay, she's brain smart but commen sense would say something else! Gee, Mike is acting all weird and you hardly ever ask about it, nor do you ask around. She was hardly useful in this season and it was again because of Mike! She didn't have her own story like last season when he was eliminated! Commando Zoey ring a bell producers??? Just think! Commando Zoey vs Mal at ANY point in the series. They made her seem oblivious to every obvious thing! That, ruins her character.
  •  Mal: Okay, to see the extent of this, check out the other blog that I made. But, here's the summery. They didn't use him. You tried to make him seem sooo evil, if Duncan was afraid, he's scary, but what true terrifying things did he do? Okay, yes they freaked us out with him and Cam in Zeek and Ye Shall Find, but what else? Simple and boring mischeif. Breaking stuff and minorly increasing the danger in some stuff. I would have LOVED it if he was made the ultimate antagonist by combining everything that the other antagonists did and then give him his own unique trait besides being one of Mike's personalities. 
  • Challenges and Rewards: The point of these were to bring back the famous challenges of the past. But, it wasn't how I expected it. Think about it? Few were memorable, the cliff diving, paintball, phobia factor, even the Getting to know you! Why not dish out some unknown facts about the contestants we know and love and the new ones! Did they? No! They didn't even reference the rewards in the past seasons. The reward(s) hotel hotel hotel! Include something with it from previous seasons! Back to the challenges, did we really remember some of these? I still say a true phobia factor should have been used or the totem challenge from season 4. 


Now, these were..ok. Not good enough to be good but not terrible. 

Contestants: Okay, really? Lindsay and Sam? What use were they? Bring back people we like and were popular like Izzy or(Can't believe I'm saying this..) but Anne Maria! What happens with her and Vito and how does she act when he;s gone!? Izzy was the wacko and you never knew what she'd do next! But, there is also the  good ones. Gwen, Courtney, Mike, Zoey(just for their relationship). They were the ones we liked! Even the antagonists like Heather and Alejandro! Some like Sierra and Lightning were just fun to have back, especially Sierra's insanity increasing with seeing Cody everywhere, and why didn't they bring him back? *Shrugs* Maybe she's there just to make us laugh like with Lightening for two episodes. So, some were good and some were useless this season.

Theme Song: Okay, this seems kinda minor. But, this is the ALL STARS for crying out loud! Make it the full song and other stuff! Ooo! Sierra and Heather fighting over a chest, Cameron appears, Fang with Scott and Sam then the rest fight? Real interesting and at least let them fight their enemies! Mike and Lightning? Notg really enemies, nor were Zoey and Alejandro! But, pair them up! Ridiculous...But, it also was interesting to see that Fang still hated Scott, Courtney hated Gwen and Duncan and that Mike and Zoey still have/had yet to kiss on screen, not counting his dream of them kissing from season 4. So, mainly bad, but some good. 

Ending: Okay, finale. The ULTIMATE episode, kinda sucked. They definatly should have placed Mal/Mike in there, for he couldn't have beaten him in any other episode since it would work the best in this episode. Also, Mike got Zoey back. The only thing that sucked was that Mike is cured. Yes, I said it! It is the only thing that keeps Mike and Zoey's relationship on the line and is his key trait! What else is he f***ing known for? The quirky guy, wait that goes back to his MPD!!! So, yeah just cure him! No! Cure just Mal! Keep Manitoba, Svetlana, Chester and Vito! Yes, it is good for him, and I feel completely sorry that he had to deal with it. But it is what he is known for. Now, it is pretty cool how it is formated with help from eliminated contestants, but don't let the others drift away. Finally, Wawanakwa sinking..Don't let the place that started it all just sink! Let it just sit there forever and return to it for the series finale! 


Closure: It is nice that they closed up mostly everything. Mike and Zoey are together and he's cured(hate it), Gwen and Courtney are friends, and Alejandro and Heather are dating(FINALLY). They didn't leave you hanging like before because they were going to come back. If they're coming back, it would've left you wondering about something, but nothing really did. You never have to wonder about the big things like relationships anymore. 

Twists: OMG the twists! None of us could guess these! Cam going to the villians and Duncan a hero??? Or Mal...True, he was foreshadowed in the episode Mike was eliminated in, but we never would have guessed he would have won or would act like Mike.. Also, Gwen on the villians team? I truly thought it would be Courtney on the villians instead of her. Gwen seems a lot more gentle then her and just her natural disposition is nice. Courtney is ruthless and determined, for she even said who cares about friendship! Seems like a nice thing? WRONG! And, who would have ever guessed at Scourtney!!! Can you picture them? Even though it was short, no one would have expected that! 

Relationships: I am not just talking about boyfriend/girlfriend ones. I'm talking about friendships too. We kept the same old ones like Mike and Zoey. But, we wouldn't have guessed what happened. Breakups and hookups! Courtney and Scott's hookup or Gwen and Duncan's breakup! Even Courtney forgiving Gwen..So nice! But, there was even the chance of a break up of the best one ever! Mike and Zoey! OMG they're my fav! But, Zoey doubted Mike, or should I say Mal. It was just so dramatic to wonder what they would do! 

So, I have my opinions on the season. I do see more bad than good, but this season wasn't terrible. So, what about your pros and cons on TDAS???

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