This is my prediction for Total Drama All-Stars:


More Names

Script revealing the teams


Script for episode 4

Heroic Hamsters (as seen on the script)

  • Courtney
  • Lindsay
  • Sierra
  • Mike
  • Zoey
  • Cameron
  • Sam

Villainous Vultures

  • Alejandro
  • Heather
  • Jo
  • Duncan
  • Lightning
  • Gwen
  • Scott


  • 1. Scott
  • 2. Lightning
  • 3. Jo
  • (Courtney switches to the Villainous Vultures)
  • 4. Heather
  • 5. Cameron
  • 6. Sierra
  • 7. Duncan
  • 8. Gwen
  • (Merge)
  • 9. Zoey
  • 10. Sam
  • 11. Alejandro
  • 12. Courtney
  • 13. Mike (Lindsay wins)


  • Courtney, Sierra, Mike, Cameron, Alejandro, Heather, Jo, Duncan, Lightning, Zoey and Gwen are confirmed to be on the season.
  • Lindsay and Sam are probably on the season since I think I can see their names listed under the Heroic Hamsters on the first script (it's very blurried).
  • Someone in the talk page said that he/she was able to see Scott's name under the villains list, so that's why I put him.
  • Jo is hinted to be eliminated on episode 3 because this sentence can be seen at the back of the script for episode 4, and that part is probably the recap: "Especially Jo's, which is why she got flushed. But it was an unexpected act of valor that inspired my brilliant switcheroo...". The other eliminations are just predictions.

Sorry if anything in my English is wrong, that's because I'm not from an English-speaking country.

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