TDROTI Character Thoughts and Elimination Prediction

Ann Maria - The Jersey Shore Reject: I was really interested when I found out she was a Jersey Shore Reject, from her first design she sorta reminded me of Snooki. I enjoy watching Jersey Shore almost as much as I enjoy watching total drama. I think she will be an antagonist but towards the end she will just be really competitive. She will be really awesome in my opinion.

B - The Strong Silent Genius: His name probably stands for something like Bob. I enjoy to see more African Americans on TV for once. He seems a bit like DJ but more strong. He will probably just worry about making friends until towards the end. He looks sorta buff or over weight so maybe he will be a bit like a sensible Owen.

Brick - The Cadet: When I first saw his old design I thought he would be an antagonist but when I saw the trailer and Ann Maria punched him he seemed quite weak. Maybe he will brag about being so strong but he is actually really weak. From my point of view I think that he is strong but afraid of antagonists. He will not be a fan favorite.

Cameron - The Bubble Boy: His design seems similiar to Codys and Noahs so he may be quite nerdy. His sterotype makes me think of Clean Freaks and I imagine him whispering "please dont touch me". He will probably dislike the fact that it is a toxic waste dump. He is probably a bit of a hypochondriac because he gets sick in the trailer.

Dakota - The Famemonger: I thought she would be like Heather by her first design but when I saw her stereotype she seemed a bit like Courtney. She wont be an antagonist probably more like an anti-hero. She will probably be one of the first to leave because everyone will get really annoyed at her bragging and saying how much she wants the money.

Dawn - The Moonchild: I am not gonna say which one I think she is so I dont start a fight... again. So I will talk about who I want her to be (pale blonde). She is my favorite and I wish that it was Zoey the Moonchild coz Moonchilds are awesome and Zoey suits the blonde girl. She seems to be a little fan favorite along with Mike who is a MAJOR fan favorite. She is really cool and she will probably make lots of friends and be really social. She is really hot.

Jo - The Take-No-Prisoner Jockette: She seems really annoying because she reminds me of someone I hate other than that she is gonna be really cool. I like her hair and eye colour but she didnt really have much design changes. She will be seen as a threat probably and she will be really strong and help with all the active challenges.

Lightning - The Athletic Overachiever: He will be a bit like Tyler but will actually suceed. He will probably be a team captain along with Ann Maria. He and Jo are gonna be expected to help with all the active challenges. He wont be a fan favorite and he seems really un hero-ish but not quite quite antagonistic.

Mike - The Multiple Personality: He seems to be the biggest fan favorite. I didnt really like him from his old blonde design but through the design changes I started to like him more but I still dont see why he should be a fan favorite. He is probably gonna win and there is rumours that he will so he probably will. But they may change it because it is really spreaded.

Sam - The Nice-Guy Gamer: He seems really cool and I wonder what his voice sounds like coz he is voiced by Brian Froud. He seems to be a bit like Harold from the tape. He will be one of my favorites. He barely had any design changes but it doesnt matter coz his Design is really cool and awesome. I hope he comes close to winning.

Scott - The Devious Guy: He seems to be cool and awesome. He will probably be like Duncan but hopefully will have a heart (HEAR THAT DUNCAN lol). He is already my second favorite. He will be a bit of a reb-dawwg and will probably be quite active. He will probably not be close to winning and will probably be a bit of a minor threat.

Staci - The Compulsive Liar: She is obviously a compulsive liar and I think she will be first to go. I also think that the episode "Truth or Losing Streak" is probably called "Truth or Losing Staci" and is about it is either Staci tells the truth or she gets voted out and she does and it is probably second episode. She is not really a fan favorite and she has not much fan but she has a cool design.

Zoey - The Indie Chick: I am not gonna say which one I think she is so I dont start a fight... again. I will just say who I think (Red Head). She seems really awesome and I like indie music aswell. She seems to have quite a weird voice when she says "What?" but I will get used to her voice. She is one of my favorites.


Brick - 13th

Staci - 12th

Jo - 11th

Cameron - 10th

B - 9th

Dakota - 8th

Scott - 7th


Zoey - 6th

Sam - 5th

Lightning - 4th

Ann Maria - 3rd

Dawn - 2nd (runner up)

Mike - Winner

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