This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

All of this is just an opinion. Don't get offended.

Everyone has been talking about the The RIDICULOUS Race... and even an episode was leaked! Now, everyone's submitting things related to the show on DeviantART, spoiling it even more! I can't believe an episode was leaked... They only released 4 characters. They confirmed Noah and Owen were in the show, and Geoff and some other guy. Now since the episode was leaked, I saw that most of the cast consisted of new characters! And what in the world!? No Bridgette!? I wanted her to be in here! I really wanted her to be in here! I don't like it when the episode is leaked.

My sister showed me the leaked episode, and then I cried. I cried because...

  1. The episode was leaked...
  2. Bridgette isn't in here...
  3. Most of the characters are weird...

I wanted to figure that out LATER, when the show was actually released! Everyone's talking about the new characters and making blog posts about that. Soon, I think the whole world will know about this! Good thing the videos were removed from YouTube. I hope they don't leak the second episode. I wanted Bridgette in here! I really did!

Again, this is just opinion, not fact. Please don't make it critical for me.

Bridgette and Geoff Forever! - Erbium 17:17, June 21, 2015 (UTC)

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