TD may have some hope. Me and my sister (who also watches TD) have both called the network to request a renewal. I got voicemail, but the network told her some vague but interesting stuff. She told me that when she requested and asked about renewal, the network person said "we're fans of TD and would like to see a renewal too, calls like this really help, they'll find out soon" or something like that. I'd consider that a good sign, since it means at least some network people actually care about TD, an answer is coming soonish, and they'll actually listen to feedback from fans. (416) 479-7000 is the number to call to request renewal. Corus (the company that owns Cartoon Network Canada and Teletoon) has it published on their website. If you get voicemail, leave a message. Send an email or a letter or something if your phone plan won't let you call. Just please don't comment "don't call them." They said themselves that calls do help.

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