It seems fans either think "TD is fine just wait" or "TD is already dead." It's only dead unless fans start contacting the network to request renewal. That means you! Calling is the best option, since they seem more responsive to calls than emails. (416) 479-7000 is the number for the company that owns CN Canada and Teletoon. I've called them and I know they'll pass feedback on to the right people.


  • Give a reson why they should renew! The show left off on an unfinished note. It still has a big fandom. If they don't like RR's ratings (I'm not 100% certain that's the case) it shouldn't count against TD because they're different and spin-offs rarely do as well as originals.
  • Be polite
  • Don't be annoying. Say what you want to say quickly, and avoid calling multiple times.
  • Get your friends to call, too. The more voices the better!

Don't underestimate the influence of fans! The real Amazing race nearly got cancelled but didn't, partly due to fans. Now it has 28 seasons. Family Guy actually got cancelled twice. If that fandom can save a show twice, this fandom do it once!

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