Disclaimer: I recognize that Multiple Personality Disorder in the Total Drama universe was inaccurately portrayed and it is very different from real MPD. When I say Zeke has MPD I mean he has whatever unrealistic disorder Mike has which is called multiply personality disorder in the Total Drama universe.

The writers making Ezekiel go feral in TDWT was an extremely unpopular decision. I wrote this theory so that people wouldn’t have to accept Zeke’s awful fate, but could have an alternative to believe. My theory states that Ezekiel did not gradually devolve into a feral monster over the course of TDWT. Rather, Ezekiel has MPD, and has always had a wild, monstrous personality which comes out when Zeke gets angry. This could explain why Ezekiel kept denying his eliminations in TDWT—because realizing that he’d been eliminated first twice in a row could make him upset enough for his feral personality to come out.

My biggest piece of evidence for this theory is Zeke’s appearance on Skatoony.

Ezekiel appears on Skatoony

A perfectly normal Ezekiel participates in the Skatoony episode Dinosaur, which premiered after the airing of African Lying Safari and other TD episodes in which Zeke was feral. I am aware that Julie Giles said that Skatoony isn’t canon. I personally believe that since Skatoony is an officially produced TV show, it does qualify as canon. If you don’t accept skatoony as canon, clues in Total Drama also provide evidence for this theory.

If Ezekiel fell into feral insanity, his transition should be gradual. However, on Total Drama, it was shown to be sudden, the way Mike quickly changes personalities. In Jamaica Me Sweat Ezekiel Briefly appears, perfectly normal. In the following episode, (not counting the Aftermath in between) Zeke is suddenly feral in appearance and behavior. It is interesting to note that Ezekiel’s Appearance suddenly degrades again between the consecutive episodes Chinese Fake Out and African Lying Safari.

Ezekiel in Chinese Fake Out


Ezekiel in African Lying Safari

It is possible that Ezekiel has both a slightly feral personality that comes out when he gets angry (triggered by Zeke’s capture in I See London...) and a really feral personality that comes out when he gets super angry (triggered by Zeke being found and caught prior to African Lying Safari.) Due to his bad experience with Total Drama, Ezekiel now morphs into his extreme feral state at the sight of Chris and the others, which is why he was feral in all his subsequent appearances on TD, but normal on Skatoony. More Evidence for the theory is the fact that feral Zeke’s strength indicates that feral Zeke has okay physical health, but his green skin and hair loss suggest poor physical health. This conflict could be explained if feral Zeke was just one of Zeke’s personalities, since Mike’s physical appearance was altered just by which personality was present.

So that’s all my evidence. As I said before, I wrote this theory because it has evidence, but also to give people hope that maybe Ezekiel didn’t really suffer as nasty a fate as we thought. This theory would mean that Zeke’s unfortunate transformation was temporary, not permanent. Additionally, since Mike doesn’t remember what happens when his alternate personalities are in control, Ezekiel would have no recollection of the traumatic abuse he suffered while in his feral form. Maybe you believe in this fan theory, or maybe you don’t. The choice is yours.

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