There are several things about Alejandro’s “lava accident” in TDWT that don’t make sense. Why was he injured much more severely than Ezekiel, when Ezekiel was in contact with the lava for longer? Why was Alejandro only mad at Heather for causing his injuries, when the other contestants were just as responsible? Why did Alejandro consider getting Heather eliminated in TDAS adequate revenge against her, when what she supposedly did to him was much worse? Alejandro is the kind of person who won’t have had enough revenge until the victim’s life is totally ruined. All of these unexplained things could be explained by this theory.

It is obvious why Alejandro would want to make Heather look bad after Heather defeated him in the finale. Alejandro was so hated by the end of TDWT that the contestants were actually rooting for Heather to win, and were happy when she defeated Alejandro. Alejandro figured that if Heather’s actions caused something really horrible to happen, people would hate Heather and feel sympathy for Alejandro. By pretending to be injured thanks to Heather, Alejandro could get back at Heather for defeating him, and direct the hate away from himself.

“But it can’t be fake!” You say. “We saw it happen!” We did see it, but the footage could easily have been edited. (Chris would have had to be in on the plan too, which makes sense since Chris dislikes Heather, and would consider some drama between Alejandro and Heather good for ratings. Chris may have even given Alejandro the idea.) The scene when Alejandro is injured contains several visual clues that the footage was edited. After being crushed by the contestants and burned by the lava, Alejandro is seen running away from the eruption. He looks injured, but is somehow still able to run, despite being so screwed up it took him two whole seasons to recover! Why? Because in the original footage, the contestants managed to go around Alejandro, Alejandro then realized that they were getting away from the eruption, and he, too, rushed off the island. When Alejandro was seen running after being “injured,” the editors were too lazy to remove him from the shot, so they just made him look burned. More evidence that the footage was edited is the discontinuity between shots.

Examples of discontinuity

When “Alejandro” was being put in the robot suit, he looked noticeably worse than he did when he was running from the eruption after being injured. This makes sense because in the robot scene “Alejandro” was likely entirely computer generated, and was still rather than moving, allowing for more extensive visual effects.

So that wraps up my theory. Do you think it’s true? Do you hope it’s true, or do you believe Alejandro “deserved” his horrible fate? Do you have any TD fan theories? Let me know in the comments.

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