I lost all my progress to the first draft, but I am ranking each of the characters of how they performed in all stars, and if they were better or worse in the previous seasons, but not specifically how they placed.

14th - Lindsay (14th/Heroic Hamsters) 

Again, I'm not doing this off of how they placed, but Lindsay was the absolute worst contestant this season. Her label was the stupid girl, but for comedic relief, they decided to push the boundaries of her label so much that she couldn't perform basic human functions, where she previously had a little bit of knowledge, and she just became an annoying character pissing off everybody.

13th - Sierra (9th/Heroic Hamsters)

Sierra was orginally in intense over the top fangirl, but once she is alone from Cody , she doesn't really work as a character because the two were a great duo, but after she is forced to be alone, she becomes a bad contestent who gets pretty annoying, but once she gets her phone destroyed by Mike /Mal , she becomes unbearable and anoyying.

12th - Mike / Mal (1st-2nd/Heroic Hamsters)

Mike was comepletely derailed during All Stars, after he became Mal for 90% of the season. He was a great villian, but he was too good at manipulating the other contestants just by doing a simple task (i.e. breaking Sierra's phone or showing the other contestants Courtney's elimination chart) In total he participated in the eliminations of: Sam, Sierra, Cameron, Alejandro, Courtney, Gwen, and Scott! Eliminating 63% of the contestants in the merge was too much. After he lost his personalities at the end, he became a useless character.

11th -  Heather (10th/Villianous Vultures)

Heather was just simply a bad contestant in this season. She had no manipulation but instead acted more like Jo or Lightning, being too competitive and getting an extrememlely early elimniation was unlike her character before. The worst part of her downfall was the fact she was so easily taken out by Alejandro was pathetic.

10th -  Sam (11th/Heroic Hamsters)

Sam was pretty much just a lame character who didn't contribute in the challenges and ended losing by cheating on one of the challenges, which was lame by him and the show itself. He was just a bland character to didn't help with the "All Stars"  idea.

9th - Jo (12th/Villanous Vultures)

Jo was pretty much the exact same as Lightning , being stupid but less tolerable as she just came across as bossy, basically ruining all of the challenges becaues she wanted to be better than Heather

8th - Lightning (13th/Villianous Vultures)

Going from 1st to 13th is honestly pathtetic, but I put him even this high because his character was the same stupid jock from last season, but in All Stars, it made me question how on earth he won in the first place, being as stupid and incompetent as he is, but he wasn't derailed, more of it was his character being clarified on his label. His only reedeeming quality was his hilarity

7th - Duncan (8th/Villianous Vultures/Heroic Hamsters)

Duncan's "Bad Boy" persona was broken this season. He was always so worried about what Courtney and Gwen thought about him that he wasn't interesting to watch. And plus, he got eliminated by blowing up a "cottage" which was pathetic to just get yourself eliminated like that.

6th - Cameron (7th/Heroic Hamsters/Villianous Vultures)

Although he was eliminated in a lame way, I thought that Cameron played decently... I guess...?

5th - Gwen (4th/3rd/Villianous Vultures)

Gwen was a good competitor and had a good storyline with ZoeyCourtney and Duncan . She was overall very interesting to watch. It was pretty sad for her elimination when she got sabotaged by Mal. She definetely redeemed herself in the finale, with her relationship with Cameron .

4th - Zoey (1st/2nd/Heroic Hamsters)

Zoey won 4 challenges in a row which is really well played on her part. Her character got boosted up Mal in the last few episodes after Alejandro's elim. But she was just a way for the writers to easily put her onto the finals.

3rd - Courtney (5th/Heroic Hamsters/Villianous Vultures)

Courtney was a good kinda-villain in this season. I absolutely adored her relationship with Scott and think it redeemed her character in the end. I don't care about SMS, I still think she was a fabulous competitor.

2nd - Alejandro (6th/Villianous Vultures)

The best feud this season by far. I loved the way he tried to beat Mal so many times, and he was the only reason of why Mal got defeated in the end. Kudos to you man. 

1st - Scott (3rd/4th/Villianous Vultures)

I am putting him so far up on this list because he was hilarious, a good competitor, and had his fair share of drama. He was the perfect TD player for a bad season like this. Him and Courtney basically made this season watchable. He also made it very far.

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