aka Queen Staci

  • I live in The Wallows of Camp Wawanakwa
  • My occupation is Lying
  • I am sTACI
  • Epic~000

    I lost all my progress to the first draft, but I am ranking each of the characters of how they performed in all stars, and if they were better or worse in the previous seasons, but not specifically how they placed.

    14th - Lindsay (14th/Heroic Hamsters) 

    Again, I'm not doing this off of how they placed, but Lindsay was the absolute worst contestant this season. Her label was the stupid girl, but for comedic relief, they decided to push the boundaries of her label so much that she couldn't perform basic human functions, where she previously had a little bit of knowledge, and she just became an annoying character pissing off everybody.

    13th - Sierra (9th/Heroic Hamsters)

    Sierra was orginally in intense over the top fangirl, but once she is alone …

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