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  • Epic~000

    OC seasons

    November 20, 2017 by Epic~000

    One ongoing thing I notice with the community is the overwhelming amount of "Original Character" or OC seasons. As of this post, there are ~5. This is too many. If Total Drama ran 5 seasons at a time, then it would be absolutely unbearable. This is how I feel about an OC season. When you create more, you divert certain fans of other reasons to yours, which makes everyone in the community upset, as it causes certain creators to lose their fans. Honestly, it makes the concept extremely boring after you see it being done everywhere. 

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  • Epic~000

    OMG I mean Lightning****

    But anyways, I just wanted to say that I thought Lightning was amazing, because he is one of the funniest characters to be on the show. I like how he was a good player and also was just really interesting to watch. He was one of the few characters to genuienly make me laugh throughout the show. Not much else to say, he was just a good character

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  • Epic~000

    Why I didn't like RR

    October 10, 2017 by Epic~000

    Erm... I don't know where to start with this. I personally HATED RR. Really guys, 26 episodes? I watched the season, and with 36 contestants, screentime was bare. Most characters besides the Best Friends, Daters/Haters, Ice Dancers, and the Surfer Dudes got so minimal runtime, it was just pathetic. And fitting 32 contestents into a 22 minute runtime just made all of the episodes feel crammed. One of my biggest pet peeves was how Geoff acted like he had never been on TD. It just felt like cramming 4 previous contestents was just to bring back nestolgia. I also found most of the episodes very boring because there was voting to eliminate anybody, it was just a shell of a "Total Drama" season. Sabotage wasn't as interesting to watch because th…

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  • Epic~000

    Erm... What happened?

    October 5, 2017 by Epic~000

    Over the summer, the community was lively, but now does nobody bother to log on? it seems kind of strange to me... apparently I have to make this 5 sentences or longer so I don't get banned. So I'm going to continue. Also also feel that this community got worse, as I have noticed toxic comments across the board for some reason. 

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  • Epic~000

    I lost all my progress to the first draft, but I am ranking each of the characters of how they performed in all stars, and if they were better or worse in the previous seasons, but not specifically how they placed.

    14th - Lindsay (14th/Heroic Hamsters) 

    Again, I'm not doing this off of how they placed, but Lindsay was the absolute worst contestant this season. Her label was the stupid girl, but for comedic relief, they decided to push the boundaries of her label so much that she couldn't perform basic human functions, where she previously had a little bit of knowledge, and she just became an annoying character pissing off everybody.

    13th - Sierra (9th/Heroic Hamsters)

    Sierra was orginally in intense over the top fangirl, but once she is alone …

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