5: Uneven Focus


This problem gets more noticeable the more you watch the season. Look, it's no surprise that Mike and Zoey are on top of this scale since they were the Final 2. The thing is though that Mike and Zoey are much bigger in the image than other contestants. It's because this season completely shoved both of them down our throats to the point where I was just getting sick of it. See, even when you have a main couple of a season that are meant to get plenty of screentime, there's usually some great focus on supporting characters, along with an underlying main character.

Gwent is the main couple in TDI, but that season still gave plenty of character development to Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Geoff, and Bridgette.

Duncney is the main TDA couple, but fanbases majorly grew towards characters such as Beth, Harold, and Lindsay.

Aleheather may have been the main TDWT couple, and the Final 2, but Cody managed to become a main character, and Sierra was our second outstanding newcomer.

Zoke was also the main couple of ROTI, but not only do neither even make the Final 2, but there was almost equal focus on Cameron, Lightning, Scott, and Jo.

All-Stars comes around and Zoke is mainly all we get. Sure, by looking at the four underneath, it's pretty obvious that Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, and Alejandro got a decent amount of screentime, but it's nothing to brag about when compared to Mike and Zoey.

See the problem here is that other seasons weren't doing this to us. Sure, it's obvious that certain characters stood out moreso than others, but there was a limit to how much more others stood out. As a result of this, it makes the outcome of the elimination in The Bold and the Booty-ful even worse because Mike and Zoey are our Final 2. I was mainly angry towards them because after not getting to see more of my favorites, I had to sit through either one of these two actually winning.

And do you know what's really angering? The fact that when you really analyze it, MIKE AND ZOEY ARE THE ONLY CHARACTERS WHERE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS COMPLETED ON THEM! Gwen's development was going in a bunch of different directions with no real conclusion, Courtney was almost finished developing before she was completely destroyed in the end, Duncan was getting some progression before his elimination randomly came out of nowhere, Alejandro couldn't really get much more progression, Scott barely got much development, Cameron's character development in ROTI went completely backwards, Sierra's brain was so screwed up that we never even got to see her act like herself, and the other five were eliminated before much more could happen to them.

Mike and Zoey just seemed greedy. We get a random subplot of Mike going through his brain which completely got in the way of, you know, ACTUAL REALITY, we get Mal being Mal, we get Zoey being dumber than Lindsay, and worst of all, they're both the main couple a second season in the row. Scourtney should've been the couple in the theme song. Why do Mike and Zoey again? Remember that ROTI was the season JUST before this. It's like I'm watching ROTI on rewind whenever I see both of them.

Being an All-Stars season, this is just disrespectful. It's supposed to be a season combining two casts. Where was our resolution to Gwuncan? Where was the resolution to Duncan vs Mal? Where was the resolution to Scourtney? Where was the resolution to Gwen and Courtney? This just seemed like a betrayal if nothing else because there was nothing even about any of this.

Be honest, was Gwent the main thing everyone remembered in TDI? Was Duncney the main thing everyone remembered in TDA? Was Aleheather the main thing everyone remembered in TDWT? Was Zoke the main thing remembered in ROTI? No. Because there was more than just those elements. It's even worse because this is the All Stars season, not Mike and Zoey season.

6: Most Things Worth Liking Is Demolished

Any positive qualities that come to your mind when you think of this season can also have some negative qualities.

For example, everyone was loving Scott this season. But his entire storyline revolved around Scourtney, another thing that people were liking. And since that was destroyed by Sundae Destroyer Sundae, we couldn't even get to watch much more of the greater aspects of the actual character.

Gwen and Courtney forgiving each other seemed great, especially since Courtney has practically zero friends. But Sundae Destroyer Sundae ruined that.

Courtney's entire development caused her to gain plenty of fans, before it was ruined by... Sundae Destroyer Sundae.

Mal was interesting before I saw him for the remainder of the season to find out he was less threatening of a villain than Justin was.

Duncan had a fantastic friendship with Zoey in them trying to get rid of Mal, but his rushed elimination in Regatta ruined any conclusion to their amazing bond in trying to get rid of Mal.

Zoey had a conflicting decision of whether or not she should try to get rid of Mike, since he OUTRIGHT TOLD HER THAT HIS PERSONALITIES WERE GONE ALL OVER THE PLACE! It would've been a great study of her character, and it could give Mike and Zoey an actual problem to face instead of them being as boring as always. And Zoey's conflicting decision bordered more on her being on Mike's side, making her come off as an idiot.

Cameron already stopped trusting Mike, and seemed slightly smarter than Zoey. I wanted to see him get in the same situation that Zoey did but then he gets needlessly dumbed down for him to be eliminated.

That's all for now. This part took longer just because it's hard to figure out how to even order these many flaws.

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