3: The Hit and Miss Humour

Another major problem with this season is the humor. Not to say every joke was bad, but any that were semi-decent were overshadowed by complete failures of jokes. The most notorious being the ones centered around the characters. Jokes made from the show in the past by the characters matched their personality. In this season, there's very memorably bad jokes. Let's not forget...

Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey? What, was he going to rhyme it off with "Eggs and bakey"? Why would Alejandro say this? He doesn't have some kind of emotional connection to his legs. WHY IS HE SUDDENLY SO ZANY AND WACKY?! The joke is just so out of place. And not just Alejandro got a really painful joke. Who could forget...


This also doesn't match Courtney's personality. In this scene, Gwen and Courtney laugh at Alejandro's misfortune with his boat, causing Courtney to make a pun about it. This isn't Courtney's sense of humor. She normally has either drypan or furious jokes made about other people, not a random pun about Alejandro. In a scene like this, Courtney should only be boasting about how much better her and Gwen are doing. So, a drypan, critical person with a bad attitude makes a pun. That reminds me.

Eggscellent Work Alejandro

In this painful scene, Alejandro tries to snatch an egg before Heather snatches it off him. In a scene like this, it would be expected for Heather to laugh at how she outclassed Alejandro. Instead she makes a terrible pun at his expense. At least with Alejan"row row row" it made some sense. Why would Heather mock Alejandro in a condescending way? That's not how she makes fun of people. WHAT'S THE POINT?! THIS PUN ISN'T EGGSCELLENT! HEATHER'S BAD AT MAKING YOLKS! GOD I HATE EVERYONE!

None of these painfully unfunny jokes even match the characters' personality. Take them away and the season wouldn't have changed at all.

And it's not just painful jokes. A few characters unfortunately went through a trend of having the same jokes repeated. Now granted, most characters have jokes matching their personality, like Lindsay saying something dumb or Noah being sarcastic. Not in this season though. There's no sense of familiarity. Unlike most other characters, nearly ALL of these characters dialogue is a joke, including the following:

Instead of being the video game junkie he's known as, Sam's dialogue almost always consists of him being in pain followed by him moaning. Instead of Sierra having much too much knowledge towards the contestants, all of her jokes revolve around her hallucinating and mistaking Cameron for Cody, without us watching her do much else. Instead of making jokes about criticizing others, starting with Food Fright, half of Duncan's dialogue is about him not wanting to be a hero followed by him doing accidental heroic things. Instead of barely having any humour in the first place, Scott is a gag character.

These new repetitive jokes aren't all necessarily bad, but they were what most of these character's dialogue was centered around. It makes the jokes really predictable from some characters too. This problem is also connected to a later one.

4: Lack of Sense

There is so many moments in this season that are so illogical and make no sense. It's moreso than any other season, even ones with more episodes. I won't include the missed opportunities, because the lack of continuity with them making no sense is already obvious and I don't want to repeat myself.

  1. Sam is an All Star instead of Brick, Anne Maria, Dakota, or Owen.
  2. Gwen never joins the Heroes team despite always trying to be heroic.
  3. Gwen tries to reconcile with Courtney, even though there's zero build-up, and Gwen takes none of the blame. "Even though I technically didn't do anything wrong" is a terrible line.
  4. Gwen says that Courtney wasn't Duncan's boyfriend at the time when she kissed him, even though that was Courtney's motivation of hating Gwen in the first place.
  5. Lindsay's elimination makes no sense, because THE LOSS WAS SIERRA'S FAULT! Lindsay didn't do anything wrong. She was pushing her carriage fine for her team. The only reason she got tired in the first place was because Sierra crushed Courtney. That's why Lindsay was so tired. What a nonsensical plot twist to get rid of a character who was contributing pretty decently to her team, while Sierra had less potential.
  6. It turns out Alejandro was faking his leg injury, even though he had nothing to gain from faking it. What would've changed. CHA CHA CHA, SURPRISE!
  7. Jo eliminates Lightning even though he was her only ally.
  8. Gwen in general. Her characterization, either good or bad, was so inconsistent that I can't even say what episode it was in.
  9. Duncan is suddenly obsessed with Courtney, even though he went out with Gwen to get away from her in the first place.
  10. Instead of being a lovable Cody super fan, and being a person who deeply cares about him and is emotionally attracted to him, Sierra now treats Cody like he's an alcohol addiction, as he now suddenly barely means anything to her, as she'll mistake anyone like Cameron for him.
  11. Zoey talks behind Mike's back to Cameron about what Mike did, instead of talking to him about the problem.
  12. Cameron is dumbed down unnecessarily by doing everything a villain tells him to do, even though that's the reason that he betrayed Jo in the first place.
  13. Cameron is moved to the villains team
  14. Instead of Cameron being moved to the villains team, it would've made more sense for Heather to join the Heroes team, because, you know, CAMERON WASN'T VILLAINOUS IN THE EPISODE, WHILE HEATHER PRETENDED TO BE HEROIC.
  15. Heather and Alejandro trying to eliminate each other straight away, even though one eliminating the other would make no sense, since Cameron and Gwen, and Scott and Courtney are already allies. So why did these two attempt this in the first place?
  16. Zoey getting hinted at by five people (Cameron, Duncan, Alejandro, Izzy, MIKE HIMSELF) about Mal, yet never trying to eliminate him. Her and Cameron being dumbed down is just an excuse for Mal to get to the Final 2.
  17. Sundae Destroyer Sundae
  18. What the three votes against Courtney were in Sundae Destroyer Sundae
  19. Scourtney is retconned for no good reason.
  20. Camgwen is awful.
  21. Final 2 irritates me.

The next part is probably coming next weekend. I still don't know how long such a long rant will be.

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