Tyler TDWT Rank

If you closely inspect the character of Tyler, he's actually one of the most popular characters in the series, with around the same popularity as Noah, Ella, and Dawn. But with characters like them, the word "overrated" gets tossed about. It's not really ever done with Tyler. And honestly, I don't see what's so great about him.

With Noah I sort of get it. His humor is deadpan and his unique personality helps him bounce off of the more out-there characters such as Owen or Izzy. Tyler's humor on the other hand is more jokes about him and not anyone else. Tyler is a pain magnet.

Pain magnet humor could necessarily work for me, provided there's a good reason for it. Max and Scott are very accident prone characters and I like both of them. The reason I thought their humor worked is that most of the time, they would usually be deserving of having repercussions, as they'd be overly arrogant about what they do and therefore need to be brought down a peg, or they'd just make generally dumb judgement calls. Whether or not you thought these jokes worked, the important thing is that I thought there was at least some reason for it.

With Tyler, he's a genuinely good person. I don't think this brand of humor fits him at all. What's worse is that his jokes are way more severe than the other pain magnet's. So not only do I find him unfunny but I don't see what's the point of his jokes.

Besides him being comic relief, what else is there to him? Well there's his relationship with Lindsay which is actually pretty popular amongst the fanbase, but why? WT shown that she sort of forgot about him, along with their relationship mostly just being judged on looks more than anything else.

There was his interaction with Alejandro, but that got pretty toned down in places, and I honestly thought Alejandro's interaction with Owen completely overshadowed this.

Now I'm not saying Tyler is a bad character or anything. The kind of humor I think should be done with him more often is jokes about his stupidity because they can be pretty quotable at times - "I love when people call me baby." "Better take a mental note of that." "I don't have a pen." but this isn't utilized as much as his pain magnet humor at all.

For me, Tyler is probably the most overrated male character in the show. Altogether, he's the character I find myself hardest to shape a full opinion on, which is why I made this blog. So to all the Tyler fans out there, why do you love Tyler so much? I really am curious and wanting to know.

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