You may be wondering why I haven't reviewed an episode of All-Stars in a while. Well, mostly because this season started pretty good, but ended a disgrace.

This season sucked more than Action, more than Revenge of the Island. Sure, we got some pretty amazing episodes in the first half of the season (Food Fright, Suckers Punched), but the second half had an abysmal piece of creation (Sundae Muddy Sundae). In fact, let me say why Sunday Muddy Sundae had pretty much all of the elements of a bad episode, and why it's worse than Moon Madness.

Firstly, they destroyed Scourtney completely. I loved this couple. I planned to say exactly why I loved this couple. Scott has become one of my favorite characters, but now I'm starting to dislike Courtney. Runing the couple by making Courtney betray both Scott and Gwen was a complete mess that came out of nowhere.

Courtney treats Scott like dirt in this episode (get it?). Whatever happened to all of those times where Courtney shown signs of being attracted to Scott?

That was totally an accident. Eeeeeee!

Or that time when she blushed when he took her hand. Or that whole subplot in Moon Madness where she shown how much she cared for him.

So yeah, Scourtney is screwed.

Gwen and Courtney weren't treated to well either. I thought it was heartwarming to see them forgive each other in Suckers Punched, but they basically just made a joke about the whole thing by making the two hate each other.

Character Development was wasted, and the season is worthless overall.

I didn't review this episode because I was just so angry with it.

WIth the season overall, I had other problems. Zoey and Mike being the Final Two was a terrible decision. I was able to tolerate the fact that Courtney wasn't going to win, but I would've much preferred Gwen vs Mike or Gwen vs Scott.

What can I say that hasn't already been said about the dissapointing Final Two? It's a bland setup. At least Heather and Alejandro were interesting to utilize in Season 3.

Mal sucked as a villain. Maybe it gave some character development to Mike, but what did Mal do aside from break stuff. He got rid of TWO contestants. TWO. Alejandro and Cameron. He broke the belongings of Sam, Sierra, and Duncan, but he didn't even inadvertedly eliminate them.

The final episode of the season was very dissapointing. We didn't see the lovable Lindsay. We didn't see the lively Lightning. No Sierra. No good contestants came back.

We got Cameron back for the finale... yeah that's all you can see about that putrid waste of space.

Alejandro and Heather were pretty entertaining, but why didn't you make it cooler by bringing back contestants we barely saw like Lindsay, Lightning, Jo, and Sam?

Gwen was pretty cool in this episode, until she kissed Cameron. I do not approve of Gwameron.

Lindsay, Lightning, Jo, Sam, Sierra, Courtney, and Scott practically died after going into the sun. And the setup was pretty interesting. Mike and Zoey were using weapons to get contestants out of balloons and they had to work with them whether they wanted to or not.

But nope, two on each team. Boring.

The staff really always like to bring out characters that no-one wants to care about anymore. I fear about where this series is going. I really want Pahkitew to bring us some good contestants.

I don't want a bland, dumb, love-interest.

I don't want a fugly, selfish, jerk who's either really annoying or funny from what you think of him (I think he's an evil jerk who needs to be beaten up for an entire 22-minutes).

I don't want an antagonist who threatens to do bad things but never goes through with it.

Bottom line: I despised this season. Abandoned story arcs (Duncan, Scourtney, Gwen and Courtney), uncomfortable moments, and terrible plotholes, made for a horrible  season.

It was nice to see Owen in the finale though.