With some more information and team summaries all available, as a spur of the moment kind of thing, I've decided to list my new ridonculous race predictions. I statistically worked this out through past contestants, certain moments in the first episode, and personalities to deduce how well a pair could do.


18: Mickey and Jay  (The Adversity Twins)


Seeing this spot, you're either shocked because you think that these two have an arc due to being underdogs, or you seen this coming. There's a multitude of reasons that I feel like these two will go against some people's expectations. For one, towards the end of the first episode, Don says that people who went on the last flight have a distinct advantage and those on the last flight should probably question why they entered. By Don's logic, that would mean one of 6 teams are first out. The 6 teams were Leonard & Tammy, Crimson & Ennui, Geoff & Brody, Mickey and Jay, Lorenzo & Chet, and Gerry & Pete. So let's narrow this down.

It can't be the LARPers as there's only three veterans so cutting one off right away would just make no sense in the grand scheme of things. It cant be the goths as they are loved by some of the staff. It couldn't be the surfer dudes for the same reasons as the LARPers. The tennis rivals are the oldest contestants so they have a distinctive trait so I can't see them as first boot. That leaves The Stepbrothers and The Adversity Twins. But aggressive characters have never left first. Stepbrothers are one of the only duos to be fighting with each other, so taking a minority like that away wouldn't add up too much. That leaves Mickey and Jay. You may think they survive the big hint Don gave as they have over - emotional music and are similar to Cameron. But you'd be wrong. When has a pre - design of a character ever made it far? 

Furthermore, if you still don't believe me, take into account the fact that the last line of the episode (not counting Don) is said by Mickey. He says "Yay... flying." As it's shown earlier in the episode, Mickey is said to have nosebleeds whenever he goes too high too fast. Isn't this highly coincidental for Jay to say this after they don't go up an elevator but then flying is put into perspective? And THEN it's used as the last line by a contestant? The line Jay says in the end that I mentioned earlier also furthers my theory. Look at the worried face he makes when saying the word "flying". And did you know how long it takes to get to Morocco from Toronto? Around 8 hours. That's a lot of nosebleeds. Let's not forget the Morocco background. Look how wild and ravenous that place looks. And they're called Adversity Twins but are an intentional parody of pretentious storylines with their sad music along with jokes being used as interruption to any possibly touching moment. This part is more speculation, but wouldn't it be more unpredictable and funny for the show to eliminate characters that intentionally pretend to have something going for them?

EDIT: Now a trailer has even been released and ----SPOILER--- From looking at the list for people on the last flight, half of them seem to make it past episode two, leaving either Mickey and Jay, Gerry and Pete, or Leonard and Tammy. Gerry and Pete are later on the list for me to explain why they're not gone first, and Leonard is one of the only veterans making it highly unlikely he would be gone first. 

17: Rocker and Spud  (The Rockers)


Next up is probably the most forgettable of the bunch, Rocker and Spud. I'll admit I was wrong to call these two first boots before. When reading up on their leak, they have some detail to them. However the reason they're this low is mostly for the presentation Spud had. Rocker says, and I quote: "Spud wasn't sure about doing this. Because he's not super strong or good at much of anything. Except rockin' out. •guitar noise• So I said, you just rock, bud. I'll carry you." This team intentionally has one team member that's completely useless. Even ignoring this line, tons of other evidence supports these two leaving when they are. For one, the three newbie pairs really can't be called fodder considering how little of them there are. With that in mind, Geoff and Brody are really similar to this pair but with both pulling their weight, and are really a better well done pair overall compared to them. These two also probably have the least joke variation. A lot of their humor revolves around how they like rock music. There was also not that many recognizable traits with them like other teams. All we know is that they both love rock, Spud is useless, and Rock lives with his mom. There's nothing too appealing here. 

16: Gerry and Pete (The Tennis Rivals)


These two made the most errors in the first episode, realize they shouldn't have been in the race, their bio says if they don't lose, they want promotions, and they got last place in the first leg of the race. It's no wonder most doubt their longevity. I wouldn't be surprised if they lasted shorter than I predicted. Not only do they have the flaws of what I described above, but there's more. These two are the oldest contestants and I really don't think all their humor can appeal to the show's target audience. Their bio even practically says the two will not win the race. The show has completely zero confidence in them. The reasons I put them this high though is that despite the many factors working against them the thibg is they can't really be called the first or second boots. They can't be called first boots in my opinion because they finished last in first leg. Making them come last in the second episode would just be too cliché and expected. Second boot? Eh. That's still too obvious personally. They have a rivalry spark that had a great dynamic so they can still last just a tiny bit.

As a side note, as you may or may not notice, I cut three all male teams in a row. This is due to the fact that 20 males are in this season, while there's only 16 females. To make up for this, the show clearly has to take out a few guys to make it even, and one or two more as an extra to make up for the gender problems. Remember that in WT, there was 9 boys and 8 girls at the start and as a result, 3 boys went in a row leaving an 8-6 split. Isn't it coincidental that that season ALSO had travellers around the world? By my theorising,  this season could do a major flip like that. I know you might think I'm wrong because of how ROTI handled females, but in a big cast like this, dropping females like this would stick out much worse in a bigger cast. It is for this reason that I am certain that these three male teams are interchangeably first three out. 

15: Laurie and Miles  (The Vegans)


Continuing along from my pattern, if you were to cut two girls straight after 6 guys in a row, then no more gender difficulties. I think this season is most necessary to do this, as it has a very large cast.

As racers themselves, there's not much I can really say about the Vegans. While I do sort of like them, and they had funny jokes for the times they were on screen, is there even a plot with them that makes them go far and what running gag is there that makes them last midway? With TD, that's how they usually decide who'll get far and who won't. These two are also vegans and we all know what happened with Dawn. To me, all the other teams, even the ones I have below these two, have some kind of running trend with them. In Episode 1,  I didn't really see one with these two. Plus most RR bios summarize both characters. With these two, not really. They seem mostly similar so not only are they not set apart from other teams but they aren't set apart by each other either. All these attributes are why I call these two fodders. But probably the latest of fodders.


MID BOOTS (10-8)


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